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The Spanish Golden Age of Theater (03:52)


Félix Lope de Vega y Carpio was born in 1562 and wrote over 1,500 comedies and dramas. This Episode will include scenes from "The Knight from Olmedo." The playwright depicts Don Alonso as a bullfighting star.

Corral Theater (02:12)

Fabia goes between the lovers; Tello is a traditional comic character who serves as Don Alonzo's confidante. Monologues can last four or five pages in Spanish theater. The play is loosely based on an event surrounding Don Juan de Vivero.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Loa (04:49)

Jack Edelman performs the prologue; captions translate the song. Fabia gives a letter to Don Alonso from Inéz that instructs the knight to collect a green ribbon she ties at the gate. The old woman convinces Tello to help her obtain a tooth from a dead man.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Act 2 (03:51)

Don Pedro prefers Rodrigo marry Inéz, but she wants Alonso. Tello provides humorous asides to the audience. Her father arrives and Alonzo conceals himself.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Don Pedro Arrives (03:08)

Inéz confesses that she cannot marry Rodrigo, because she intends to become a nun. Don Pedro agrees to hire tutors to teach her Latin and singing.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Alonso Laments Inéz Calling (03:03)

Alonso realizes Inéz does not wish to become a nun. Tello decides to act as her tutor so the lovers can communicate. The lovers brainstorm how they can secure their marriage.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Convincing Don Pedro (04:12)

Fabia and Tello, disguised, ask Don Pedro if they can tutor Inéz. Don Pedro believes it is a sign from heaven that the tutors arrived.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Pretending to Study Latin (03:06)

Dona Leonor, Dona Inéz, Fabia, and Tello celebrate their success. Don Pedro explains that he must attend the festival and wants Inéz to accompany him. Fabia gives her permission.

"The Knight from Olmedo": Alonso is Tormented (05:32)

Alonso wins the bullfight, begins to sense his impending death, and wants to travel home to Olmedo. Dona Leonor tells Inéz that Don Pedro wishes to speak to her. The lovers say goodbye.

Epilog (02:05)

Jose Tamayo came to America to teach students classical Spanish theater techniques. Although he did not speak the language, the director communicated through interpreters and non-verbal communication. Rodrigo stabs Don Alonso in the back; Tello rides back to inform the King of Alonso's death and Rodrigo's culpability.

Credits: The Knight from Olmedo (02:23)

Credits: The Knight from Olmedo

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In this video, actors and directors work to re-create the style of the Spanish Golden Age in Lope de Vega's play The Knight From Olmedo.

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