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Stress Fractures: Introduction (01:10)


Deepak S. Patel introduces himself and gives a brief overview of the objectives of his talk regarding diagnosing, treating, and preventing stress fractures.

Case Study — 17 y/o Athlete w/Leg Pain (01:42)

Patel starts by sharing the background information for his first case study. Patel goes over the diagnostic history of the athlete's injury.

Risk Factors for Stress Fracture (03:29)

Patel goes over the intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors for stress fracture injuries. Patel examines some studies regarding less common risk factors.

Diagnosis (03:47)

Patel examines common diagnostic methods for stress fractures in the leg. Patel cites a lack of objective data to support the efficacy of some of these methods.

Imaging Methods (04:47)

Patel discusses types of medical imaging for examination of fractures. Patel covers X-ray, CT, bone scan, and MRI techniques and what to look for on scans to help diagnosis.

Grading Systems (02:59)

Patel talks about grading systems for classifying stress fractures. Patel cites studies that examine the different grading systems for different imaging modalities.

Asymptomatic MRI Results (04:30)

Patel reviews two studies regarding asymptomatic MRI imaging in diagnosing stress fractures. Many asymptomatic stress fracture diagnoses, turn out not to be actual stress fractures.

Ultra Sound (00:46)

Patel discusses the use of ultrasound testing in diagnosing stress fractures.

Imaging for Stress Injury (02:09)

Patel compares accuracy rates for different imaging methods. Patel discusses his personal preferences in utilizing advanced tests when diagnosing stress fractures.

Treatment of Stress Fractures (03:51)

Patel talks about the common timelines for stress fracture healing. Patel goes over the use of medication, physical training and bracing as treatment options.

High Risk Fractures (00:39)

Patel explains the push to categorize stress fractures into low-risk and high risk groups. Patel lists some of the injuries included in the high risk group.

Prevention (04:41)

Patel discusses methods for prevention of stress fractures. Methods include physical activity moderation, medication, bisphosphonates, calcium and vitamin D supplementation.

Questions from the Audience (06:22)

Patel fields questions from the audience regarding his talk. Topics include severity grading, NSAIDS, electric field stimulation, water training, and usefulness of imaging injuries.

Credits: Stress Fractures: Diagnosis and Treatment (00:25)

Credits: Stress Fractures: Diagnosis and Treatment

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This clinical video lecture details the risk factors for stress fractures and reviews the evidence-based signs and symptoms suggestive of stress fractures. It discusses how to utilize appropriate imaging modalities to aid in the diagnosis of stress fractures and outlines how to apply evidence-based treatments for stress fractures to allow for safe and expedited return to play by athletes. The video also points out prevention strategies that can help lower the incidence of stress fractures.

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