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Answering the Question (04:23)


On July 30, 1975, labor leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. Hoffa could have been a victim of conspiracy, wiped out by union rivals, or otherwise eliminated. Kaiama Glover, Wes Cowan, and Tukufu Zuberi plan an investigation into the mystery of Hoffa's disappearance.

Faux Peace Conference (02:22)

Cowan meets with former FBI special agent, Greg Stejskal. At the time of the Hoffa investigation, Stejskal was a rookie among 200 other officers assigned to the Hoffa case. Stejskal tells about the timeline of Hoffa's disappearance.

Cold Case for Decades (02:22)

Following Hoffa's last phone call to his wife, his car was found abandoned and he was pronounced missing. Glover shares information from four months into the investigation by informant Ralph Picardo.

Continued Killing (03:56)

Zuberi heads to Philadelphia to discuss the Hoffa case with Frank Sheeran's lawyer, Charles Brandt. Brandt describes the complexity of Sheeran and his descent into becoming a murderer. Sheeran became Hoffa's hit man and then turned against him.

Shared Confidences (03:07)

Sheeran and Russell Bufalino took Hoffa into an unfamiliar house; Sheeran shot Hoffa twice in the back of the head. Sheeran reportedly felt that if he did not killed Hoffa, the mafia would murder Sheeran.

Media's Conclusion (03:10)

Glover flies to Detroit to communicate with Detroit journalist, David Ashenfelter. The pair visits the house where Sheeran claims to have killed Hoffa. Despite claims, the jury is still out on Sheeran's confessions of killing Hoffa and Joey Gallo.

Little Italy (02:34)

Glover visits the location of Gallo's death. An anonymous eyewitness reports being at the site of the killing, a restaurant called Umberto's.

Hoffa's Connections (04:53)

Investigative reporter Dan Moldea has been working on the Hoffa case since before Hoffa disappeared. Moldea details the political situation prior to the war and Hoffa's place in it. According to Moldea, Hoffa was owned by the Mafia.

Organized Crime Roots (02:19)

Zuberi travels to Las Vegas after reviewing documents sent by Moldea. The Teamster Pension Fund Ledger records show where the Teamsters' money went. Businesses including the Plaza Towers and Circus Circus received millions of dollars in the 1960s.

Moneymakers under Frank Fitzsimmons (02:52)

Vegas historian Michael Green discusses the loans received by Vegas casinos from the Teamsters. Green describes the cash-oriented past of casinos and the connection between the Mafia and Las Vegas.

Hoffa's Reputation (03:37)

Arthur Sloane details Hoffa's reputation on the streets. His prison release terms effectively prevented him from publicly participating in Teamsters activity until 1980. Experts suspect that Fitzsimmons engineered the terms.

Sentence Commuted (03:07)

Glover will perform research at the Walter Reuther Memorial Library, while Cowan will listen to tapes recorded by Nixon in the Oval Office. Cowan is looking for the commutation Nixon gave Hoffa.

Secret Deal? (02:59)

To keep power in the Teamsters away from Hoffa, Fitzsimmons wanted Hoffa released from prison with conditions. Fitzsimmons and Nixon made a deal to keep Hoffa away from the Teamsters.

Agreement between Nixon and Fitzsimmons (03:53)

According to what Cowan heard on the Nixon tapes, the pardon on Hoffa's release was illegal and intended to keep Hoffa out of power with the Teamsters. Glover hypothesizes that the Mob was paying Nixon.

Russell Bufalino (04:41)

Matt Birkbeck says that Bufalino's penchant for privacy kept him under the radar. Birkbeck compares Bufalino to Marlon Brando's character in "The Godfather."

CIA Informant? (03:09)

Glover shares an article that claims Bufalino is a CIA recruit. Birkbeck details a pattern of mobsters that were eliminated following Bufalino's exposure. Birkbeck's theory was that he wanted to cut ties with anyone that could "put heat on him."

Credits: Episode 4: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa? (01:18)

Credits: Episode 4: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

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Episode 4: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa?

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In one of history’s most fascinating unsolved mysteries, former Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa went missing on July 30, 1975, never to be found. Hoffa, a hero to many working Americans, played a major role in the growth and development of the trucking union. But he fell afoul of the law, with allegations that the powerful pension fund was under mob control and used, among other things, to finance Vegas casinos. What exactly happened to Hoffa that day, and why? Recently declassified FBI files and interviews with people close to the story allow a detailed accounting of what likely occurred. The investigation is an exploration of Hoffa’s final days and hours and a revelatory window on power and corruption in the post-war era labor movement.

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