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Juvenile Offenders (02:02)


In 29 states, life without parole is the mandatory sentence for murder; over 2,000 juveniles are serving mandatory sentences. In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court banned this mandatory sentence for all juveniles. Defense attorney Larry Phelan discusses Saulo Montalvo.

Getaway Driver (03:29)

Joe Berlinger describes the night Rodney Corp was killed; Montalvo explains what happened during the robbery and murder. Montalvo received the mandatory life sentence without parole.

Juvenile Sentences (01:33)

Deborah Labelle fights to reform juvenile sentencing laws in Michigan. In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled mandatory life sentences for those under 18 unconstitutional. Juwan Wickware's murder case was the first to occur after the ruling.

Juveniles Murderers (03:11)

Prosecuting attorneys discuss the events that resulted in the death of Michael Nettles. Wickware and his accomplices were charged with murder; Wickware received the maximum penalty.

Merrill Hood (04:43)

Wickware's attorney Jodi Hemingway provides more information about the night Nettles was murdered; Wickware was the only teen convicted for 1st degree felony murder. Dr. Karen Noelle Clark discusses his psychological maturity.

Montalvo and Corp (04:06)

Montalvo's wife Laura and a former teacher discuss his past and his character; Laura is mindful of Corp's family. Stephanie Mitchell describes her uncle's personality, how they learned of his murder, and the behavior of two of the teenagers during the trial.

Conflicting Viewpoints (03:12)

Judge Dennis Kolenda sentenced Montalvo as an adult despite Phelan's arguments otherwise. Kolenda and Phelan discuss the sentencing. Miller vs. Alabama did not address already convicted juveniles.

Political Battle Over Juvenile Offenders (02:59)

In 2012, the Supreme Court ruled mandatory life sentences for those under 18 unconstitutional, but did not specify if it was retroactive. Representative Joe Haveman sponsored bills to mandate new hearings for 363 juveniles that received mandatory life before the Miller ruling; the Michigan legislature held a hearing in August 2013.

Justice and Punishment (03:11)

Montalvo asked Corp's family for forgiveness. Mitchell reached out three years later and connected with Montalvo's wife and former teacher; she met Montalvo in prison. Haveman was disappointed with the Michigan state legislature's ruling on retroactivity.

Wickware's Background (02:04)

Wickware was the only one out of the five teenage suspects found guilty of felony murder. He discusses his lifestyle in Flint; his mother works to support Wickware in jail.

First Miller Hearing (03:28)

Wickware admitted his participation during his interrogation. A jury found him guilty on four counts; Judge Archie Hayman presided over his sentencing hearing. Dr. Clark discusses mitigating circumstances.

First Miller Hearing: Wickware's Sentence (03:47)

The prosecution submitted a history of violent behavior at Wickware's sentencing hearing. Hemingway says life without parole is disproportionate to his role in the crime; Hayman gives him the maximum sentence. In March 2014, life without parole for juveniles was challenged in Michigan.

Sentencing Juvenile Murderers (02:37)

In March 2014, the sentence of life without parole for juveniles was challenged in three cases at the Michigan Supreme Court. David Leyton believes life without parole needs to remain an option; Labelle says the focus needs to be on rehabilitation.

Wanting a Second Chance (04:46)

Montalvo's wife provides a tour of her home. Labelle says how we treat criminals is a reflection of society; Leyton outlines societal issues that need to be addressed. Wickware and Montalvo reflect on their sentencing.

Credits: Juvenile Justice: The System with Joe Berlinger (00:05)

Credits: Juvenile Justice: The System with Joe Berlinger

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In this episode we take a look at the issue of juvenile sentencing, and consider two compelling cases in Michigan that raise the question of whether children convicted of murder should be subjected to life in prison without the possibility of parole. A battle is now waging to decide how to sentence juvenile killers, and what to do with the more than 360 juvenile lifers already sentenced to die in the state's prisons. Should a court decide if a child is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole?

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