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Introduction: Cyber Jihad (01:11)


Islamic extremists are flooding social media with propaganda mixing idyllic scenery and ultra-violence.

Jihadist Extremism Strikes Europe (03:04)

In the aftermath of a terrorist attack, Souad Mekhennet and other journalists seek to identify those responsible. Mekhennet speaks about the ISIS media apparatus.

Terrorist Propaganda (03:22)

J.M. Berger talks about the fantasy elements of extremism and how extremists craft an illusion of reality. Mekhennet speaks about searching for the origins of ISIS propaganda.

Infiltrating Extremist Cells (04:16)

Mubin Shaikh gives an interview about his experiences infiltrating terrorist cells. Shaikh explains how recruits are used for propaganda purposes.

ISIS Executioners (01:49)

Mekhennet talks about identifying killers and what cameramen told her about the staging of these decapitations. Berger talks about the extreme violence that ISIS employs.

Violent Imagery (04:42)

Berger talks about the ISIS app that lets extremists manipulate Twitter metrics. Some propaganda video is staged to appear like a video game to appeal to violent young men. Berger talks about the storytelling in ISIS propaganda.

Radicalizing the Youth (06:06)

Montasser AlDe'emeh speaks about his efforts to combat youth radicalization in a post 9-11 world. He also talks about counseling the family of a suicide bomber.

The Caliphate (01:44)

Shaikh talks about how the failures of democracy provides ISIS with a recruiting opportunity.

Toronto 18 (06:07)

Shaikh talks about his past as a radicalized youth and how he was de-radicalized. He tells about his experience infiltrating an Al Queda recruiting cell in Toronto, Canada.

Speaking to the Disaffected Youth (04:01)

AlDe'emeh speaks to a group about the need for more moderate Imams to push their message. Geraldine Hennegien talks about her son, who went to fight in Syria and was killed.

How to Combat Propaganda (01:56)

Mekhennet examines why people fall for a "medieval reality show." Shaikh talks about the conflict between counter-intelligence and allowing propaganda to spread.

Support Group for Parents (04:13)

AlDe'emeh and Hennegien lead a support group for the parents of deceased jihadi fighters. Parents speak about the difficulties they face in coming to terms with why their children are gone.

A Death Cult (03:32)

A young extremist fighter is interviewed about leaving IS after being asked to be a suicide bomber. Shaikh speaks about how ISIS is spreading lies, not true Islam.

Credits: Cyber Jihad (00:24)

Credits: Cyber Jihad

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Jihadists are fighting a war on social media. The propaganda they spread is getting ever more professional. Which virtual weapons will ISIS deploy to radicalize young people in the West? Why do young Europeans fall for "the medieval reality show" of ISIS? Over the past fifteen years, jihadism has gained a lot of territory online without any hindrance. After 9/11, Al-Qaeda started posting amateurish videos online. By now, ISIS has a professional media department called Al-Hayat. Both the quantity and the quality of jihadist propaganda has increased. Beheadings are now shot in slow motion with multiple cameras. Over the last couple of years, the movies have progressed from a random sequence of atrocities into Hollywood-style action movies that attempt to lure young people from all over the world into the romance of jihad: You too can become a heroic jihad warrior. From a zero in the West to a hero in Syria. With: J.M. Berger (American terrorism expert and author of ‘ISIS: The State of Terror’), Mubin Shaikh (former jihadist and writer of ‘Undercover Jihadi’), Montasser Al-De’emeh (PhD religious studies and author of the book ‘De Jihadkaravaan’ – The Jihad Convoy) and Souad Mekhennet (investigative journalist of the Washington Post and author of ‘Die Kinder des Dschihad’ – The Children of the Jihad).

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