Segments in this Video

Every Brilliant Thing: Introduction (01:42)


Before the performance of this one man show, British actor Jonny Donahoe passes out lines to audience members to be read aloud.

Every Brilliant Thing: Sherlock Bones (04:41)

With help from an audience member, Donahoe re-enacts the night when he was seven years old and the vet came to put his dog to sleep.

Every Brilliant Thing: Why? (03:37)

Donahoe re-enacts the day he learned his mother had tried to kill herself. An audience member plays the part of seven year old Jonny.

Every Brilliant Thing: Idea for the List (01:14)

Donahoe recalls sitting with a nice old couple at the hospital the day his mom tried to kill herself. Audience members call out the lines given before the show.

Every Brilliant Thing: Mood Music (02:09)

Donahoe recalls going home with his father after leaving the hospital and knowing how to behave based on the type of music his father was listening to.

Every Brilliant Thing: Keno the Talking Dog (01:56)

Donahoe talks about going to the school counselor who used her sock as a hand puppet.

Every Brilliant Thing: "I'll Drown in My Own Tears" (01:21)

Donahoe had 314 items on his list by the time his mom came home from the hospital. He placed the list on her pillow.

Every Brilliant Thing: Remembering the List (02:58)

Donahoe remembers the anger he felt at age 17 after his mom attempted suicide a second time. He followed his mom around reading from the list.

Every Brilliant Thing: Feeling Like a Failure (02:24)

Donahoe explains the rules he had for items on the list. Audience members continue reading lines aloud.

Every Brilliant Thing: "The Sorrows of Young Werther" (03:15)

Donahoe recalls his dad driving him back to university after a quiet Christmas. An audience member plays the part of a mesmerizing professor.

Every Brilliant Thing: The Werther Effect (01:36)

Donahoe read all about social contagions and got angry when he learned that suicide is contagious.

Every Brilliant Thing: Asking for a Date (04:51)

Donahoe re-enacts the first time he spoke to a woman named Sam at the university library.

Every Brilliant Thing: "Don't Do It" (02:27)

Donahoe felt embarrassed when Sam found his list. She added her own items to the list.

Every Brilliant Thing: Drum Break (04:24)

Donahoe added thousands of items to the list after Sam found it. He high fives the audience enthusiastically shouting "U.S.A."

Every Brilliant Thing: "Some Things Last a Long Time" (04:30)

Donahoe was scared of happiness. Children with depressed mothers have a heightened reactivity to stress. He took Sam to meet his parents.

Every Brilliant Thing: Will You Marry Me? (04:16)

List entries became very specific as it climbed to the hundreds of thousands. Donahoe and Sam got married. An audience member makes a speech as dad.

Every Brilliant Thing: End of the List (03:42)

Donahoe talks about settling into marriage and his wife Sam encouraging him to seek professional help for depression.

Every Brilliant Thing: Little Boy With the List (02:15)

Donahoe re-enacts calling the school counselor that he talked to the first time his mom attempted suicide.

Every Brilliant Thing: Getting Help (02:07)

Donahoe re-enacts attendance at a support group. He pulls out the list that his wife had hidden for him before their divorce.

Every Brilliant Thing: One Million (04:20)

Donahoe's mom committed suicide in the car. She did not leave a note. He recalls the funeral. Donahoe hugs audience members and takes a bow.

Credits: Every Brilliant Thing: (02:02)

Audience members think of their own brilliant things.

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Every Brilliant Thing strikes a delicate balance between sobering loss and cathartic laughter. Adapting the one-character stage show of the same name starring British comedian Jonny Donahoe and written by Duncan Macmillan with Donahoe, this poignant film, shot in the round at the Barrow Street Theatre in New York City before a live, interactive audience, recounts a life lived, and loved, in the shadow of one parent’s repeated attempts at suicide. The 52-minute special was directed and produced by the Emmy®-winning filmmaking team of Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato.

Length: 62 minutes

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