Segments in this Video

Introduction: What is a Human Resources Department? (02:53)


Interviewees give their interpretation of what a Human Resources department is. Leslie McGibbon explains the roles and responsibilities of a Human Resources department.

Recruitment and Selection (03:27)

Julie MacDonald explains the benefits of internal recruitment. Amanda Wilson explains the fundamental steps of the recruiting and hiring process.

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Going to an Interview? (02:59)

Interviewees give advice for people going to a job interviews. MacDonald speaks about the differences in the interview process for different responsibility levels.

Training (03:22)

Interviewees answer the question, "Why is staff training important for a business?" Wilson speaks about the many types of job training at The Trafford Center.

Employee Rights and Equal Opportunity (04:18)

Ruth Wilson explains that employee rights are intended to protect employees from exploitation and unfair treatment. McGibbon goes in depth about equal opportunity and celebrity diversity in the hotel industry.

Management (05:06)

Richard Greaves explains what business management encompasses. McGibbon and MacDonald speak about different management styles and results.

Motivation (05:01)

MacDonald speaks about the various ways that Pizza Express fosters motivation in its employees. Greaves explains why performance appraisals are crucial to keeping employees motivated and engaged with their work.

Credits: The Role of Human Resources (00:50)

Credits: The Role of Human Resources

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The Role of Human Resources

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Using expert testimonials and person on the street interviews, this video covers the role of human resources in a business. Representatives from a variety of different organizations discuss the crucial functions of Human Resources using theory, anecdotes and real world examples. Topics include; recruitment and selection, employee training, employee rights, equal opportunity, management, and motivation.

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