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U.K. Tourism: an Introduction (02:04)


Tourism sectors contribute to local, regional, and national economies, and are promoted by governments. Jenny McGee of Visit Britain defines tourism as the movement of people outside their daily environment for leisure or business. The U.K. is the sixth most visited destination globally.

Types of Tourism (03:02)

People travel to see locations outside their immediate environment, relax, and experience different cultures. Travel markets include packaged tours, independent tours, domestic visitors, visiting friends and relatives, business, and conference.

External Factors (02:36)

Weather can deter potential visitors from U.K . destinations. Economic pressures like interest rates also decrease tourist spending.

Changes and Challenges (09:09)

Britain is an increasingly popular destination among Chinese, Indian, and Russian travelers. Tourism businesses must adapt to internet technology, including developing online marketing strategies. Low cost airlines have decreased the packaged holiday market; travel agencies are focusing on long haul holidays.

Credits: Travel And Tourism Basics (00:42)

Credits: Travel And Tourism Basics

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Travel And Tourism Basics

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A thriving travel and tourism industry supports employment in many different sectors and significantly contributes to local, regional and national economies. This film is an excellent introduction to the travel and tourism industry. It provides an overview of the industry in the UK. A number of different interviewees working within the industry in broad-ranging roles share insights into areas including: an introduction to UK tourism, types of tourism, external factors affecting the industry and changes and challenges. Interviewees: Jenny McGee (Visit Britain), Anthony Power (Morwellham Quay), Sally White (Lewes Castle), Jonathan Cummings (Buckland Abbey), Sean Tipton (ABTA) and Andrew Cooper (Federation of Tour Operators). Street interviews also feature. This resource is essential viewing for anyone interested in the industry and working within it, including students of travel and tourism.

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