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Sources of Information (04:38)


Tourists use many sources of information including: the internet, guide books, and maps. Tourist destinations use this data to predict visitation and income.

Gateways to the UK (01:27)

The most common way to travel to the United Kingdom is by plane. Other options for travel are ferries, trains, and the channel tunnel.

UK Destinations - England (06:55)

Learn about popular tourist destinations in England such as Bath, the Lake District, and London.

UK Destinations - Wales, Scotland, and North Ireland (03:22)

Learn about popular tourist destinations in England such as Brecon Beacons, Scottish highlands, and Belfast.

Domestic Tourism (03:52)

Domestic tourism is classified as people who live in the country and stay elsewhere overnight. Domestic tourism is common during recessions; it is a budget friendly way to go on vacation.

Inbound Tourism (05:51)

Inbound tourists are tourists that come from overseas. This tourist group is important for the stimulation of local economies.

Credits: The UK As A Destination (00:44)

Credits: The UK As A Destination

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Travel and tourism is a vital industry to the UK. Each year millions of domestic and international visitors visit a wide range of destinations within the country. Visit Britain is the national tourism agency, which is responsible for promoting the country to both international and domestic visitors—be it for leisure or business. According to the organization, the UK is the sixth most visited place in the world. In this informative film, Jenny McGee from Visit Britain explains a number of aspects to the organization's work. Street interviews also feature. Areas covered include the various sources of information available to people when planning domestic or international visits, gateways to the UK, key destinations within Britain that attract visitors, domestic and inbound tourism. For students of travel and tourism-related disciplines, this film is a valuable learning resource.

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