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Introduction: Technology in Travel and Tourism (05:36)


Technology has impacted travel and tourism in recent decades. Travel agency booking systems were inefficient; major European airlines formed Amadeus, a community reservation platform. Learn about the antiquated Viewdata system and the GDS.

Role of Technology (02:54)

Business drives technology; companies must make wise decisions about which technologies to invest in. Amadeus streamlines online communication and lowers costs for airlines. Rob Golledge describes the Affinity Shopper, a tool searching for destinations according to activities and customer schedules.

Impacts of Technology on Travel Efficiency (01:10)

Travelers have access to instantly updated online itinerary that he or she can share among friends, family, and colleagues.

Impacts of Technology on Safety (01:49)

Online platforms make it easier for corporate and government travelers to stay in hotels meeting Western safety standards, and for communication in case of terrorist incidents.

Impacts of Technology in Improving Energy Conservation (01:59)

Amadeus software monitors flight booking and advises airlines how much fuel is needed. Electronic ticketing saves paper resources.

Customers and Information (08:58)

Technology enables customers to make bookings and use services at any time. Customer control has increased and sharing passenger data individualizes customer service. Travel agents can offer destination expertise as an added value.

Lo-Q Case Study: Technology Improving Visitor Experience (02:41)

A U.K. company develops technological systems to minimize queuing in theme parks. Guests can reserve places in line on an electronic device, and move freely while waiting. They are also developing wristband technology for water parks.

Credits: Technology in Travel and Tourism (00:43)

Credits: Technology in Travel and Tourism

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Technology in Travel and Tourism

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As in any industry, technology has made a significant difference to the approach and behaviour of both customers and providers of travel and tourism products and services. This film is aimed at students of Travel and Tourism at FE level, and explores various ways in which technology has changed, and continues to change, this important industry, which is a critical contributor to the UK economy. It explores the role of technology, impacts of technology, customers and information, and finishes with a case study of Lo-Q, a UK company involved in developing technological systems that aim to minimise queuing in theme parks. For students of Travel and Tourism, this resource provides an excellent overview of some of the more important ways in which technology has transformed an industry.

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