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Why do we Travel? (04:08)


British citizens share their favorite destinations. Two thirds of trips are taken for leisure; vacationers seek sun, landscapes, and cultural experiences. Services and products from other industry sectors are needed.

Transport Options (01:57)

International destinations have become increasingly affordable with low cost airlines and infrastructure. Flying is the most popular option; railways and ferries are gaining in popularity due to airline inconveniences.

Destinations (05:12)

Coastal areas in warm climates, cultural cities, and places with impressive scenery are popular. Hear examples of package holidays combining destinations with activities. A new type of tourist is the responsible traveler searching for eco-tourism and volunteer holidays.

Visitor Needs (02:11)

People look for destinations based on physical, cultural, personal, status and prestige motivators. Industry workers must keep up with product knowledge to pair customers with destinations.

New and Emerging Destinations (03:16)

As some destinations lose British tourists, they gain tourists from developing countries. Italian companies are known for establishing resorts in new destinations. Stay-cations are increasing in popularity as people stay within Britain. Cruises offer options for a range of budgets.

Credits: Journeys and Destinations (00:43)

Credits: Journeys and Destinations

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Where people go and how they get there is determined by many factors. People undertake journeys to a multitude of different destinations are undertaken for many reasons, including travel and tourism, work and visiting friends and relatives. This film examines the fundamental aspects of journeys and destinations, including: why we travel, transport choices, destinations, visitor needs and new and emerging destinations. It features extensive interview footage with a range of academic experts and other industry professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Interviewees: Sean Tipton (ABTA), Lesley Glass (University of Hertfordshire), Francis Mulleady (University of Westminster) and Tricia Barnett (Tourism Concern). Street interviews also feature. It is a valuable learning resource for students of travel and tourism.

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