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Introduction: Impacts of Travel and Tourism (02:24)


As flights, accommodation, and packaged holidays become more affordable, more British citizens are traveling abroad. This has environmental, economic, and social impacts on destinations.

Economic Impact (05:04)

Tourism is an export consumed at the point of production. The World Bank and IMF encourage tourism to pay off debt; nations often make concessions for tax free foreign direct investment. Few tourist dollars stay locally, but fair trade principles can be applied to home stays.

Socio-cultural Impact (03:33)

People visiting other cultures can foster awareness and respect, or exploit them commercially. Locals are often paid to perform sacred dances and songs at tourist resorts, degrading their meaning.

Environmental Impact (06:19)

Learn about degradation from air travel, high density hotel construction, and eco-tourism. Tribes Travel encourages ethical travel and positive environmental habits. Bringing money into an area provides incentives for ecological conservation. urges reducing annual air travel miles.

Sustainable Tourism (02:24)

Long term thinking preserves environmental, socio-cultural, and economic benefits of the industry, and minimizes detrimental effects on destinations. Justin Francis explains why he markets responsible tourism, rather than sustainable tourism.

Improving the Situation (06:14)

Tourism businesses are beginning to operate responsibly and promote sustainable practices and behavior. Francis believes cruise liners are lagging in sustainability efforts. Trisha Barnett discusses green washing and encourages domestic tourism and ethical travel abroad.

Credits: Impacts of Travel and Tourism (00:41)

Credits: Impacts of Travel and Tourism

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Impacts of Travel and Tourism

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The tourism industry impacts heavily on local areas and communities in a number of key ways. Economically, both domestic and international tourism can bring many benefits, although in some cases when you scratch the surface, it can also serve to deprive a local community of economic gain. Tourism also has sociocultural and environmental impacts, which can be destructive to local areas. This film presents a range of tourism impacts and highlights the importance of awareness of, and sensitivity to, the detrimental effects that poorly managed tourism can have. It also looks at sustainable tourism and strategies to minimise negative impacts. Three interviewees from organizations within the travel and tourism industry that aim to promote sustainable strategies provide some informative and thought-provoking commentary. There are also street interviews. This resource will be of great benefit to students of Travel and Tourism and related areas of study.

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