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Career Opportunities (03:29)


The travel and tourism industry offers many career opportunities. To be employed in this industry, you must be friendly and customer oriented.

The Human Resource Function (03:01)

The human resources department deals with staff issues and promoting company values.

Recruitment and Selection (05:03)

Internal recruitment allows continued investment in an employee. Preparedness for a job interview is important to make a good impression.

Training (04:44)

Job training allows employees to understand their role. It starts with induction to the company and is reinforced with continued training.

Appraisal (04:11)

A performance appraisal allows the employer to tell the employee about their performance. The appraisal helps maintain employee motivation.

Employee Rights and Equal Opportunity (04:25)

Employee rights help protect the employee in terms of pay, dismissal, and time off. Equal opportunity legislature increases the fairness of hiring; people are hired for their ability to perform the job.

Credits: Employability in Travel and Tourism (00:51)

Credits: Employability in Travel and Tourism

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Employability in Travel and Tourism

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The travel and tourism industry is a major employer both in the UK and abroad. There are many career options and pathways available. This film looks at employment and employability within the industry. Drawing on the expertise of five interviewees from different professions and organizations, as well as street interviews, it explores career opportunities in the industry, the human resources function, recruitment and selection, training, appraisals and employee rights and responsibilities. It is an ideal resource for any prospective employee in the travel and tourism industry.

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