Segments in this Video

Planning and Organizing Work - an Introduction (02:22)


This segment introduces the topics that will be covered in this video including planning and organizing a construction site.

Matt Maud - Site Manager, Hacer Group (04:27)

Learn about the importance of planning and organizing to a site manager including the ability to maintain a work life balance, time management, and flexibility on the job.

Tim Fowler - Project Manager, Kane Constructions (05:21)

Learn about the importance of planning and organizing to a project manager including effective management of employees, a comprehensive construction program, and collaboration.

Ian Malcolm - Carpentry and Joinery Trainer, Chrisholm Institute (05:04)

Learn about the importance of planning and organization to a carpenter including the ability to stay on schedule, collaboration, and following the Gantt chart.

Credits: Planning and Organizing Work: The Construction Toolkit (00:17)

Credits: Planning and Organizing Work: The Construction Toolkit

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Planning and Organising Work: The Construction Toolkit

Part of the Series : The Construction Toolkit
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One of the skills that employers in the construction industry value most in their employees is the ability to plan and organize work. Construction projects are complex and many tasks require detailed planning and organization to complete. This video begins by examining why planning and organization is so critical to working in the construction industry and then profiles three people enjoying successful careers in quite different roles within the industry. It features interviews with Careers Manager for the Master Builders Association of Victoria, Jarrod Flanigan; award-winning construction managers – Tim Fowler, Project Manager with Kane Constructions and Matthew Maud, Site Manager with Hacer Group; and Chisholm Institute Carpentry and Joinery Trainer, Ian Malcolm.

Length: 18 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64023-569-4

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