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Communication and Gathering Information (03:12)


Communication skills are vital to construction workers. Tim Fowler talks about the importance of communication due to the number of workers on a jobsite. Ian Malcolm talks about teaching communication skills.

Conveying Information (04:51)

Malcolm talks about the basics of clear and effective communication. Communication is the core of any building. Fowler discusses types of contractor meetings and how good communication skills influence teams.

Face-to-Face Communication (03:46)

Wayne Sanderson talks about the importance and primacy of face-to-face communication in the construction industry. Employees should utilize meetings to raise issue awareness. See a summary of the points regarding conveying information.

Receiving Information (01:43)

Active listening is an important skill to utilize in effectively receiving information. Review the actions involved in active listening.

Signage (03:07)

Malcolm discusses the importance of signage, the ubiquity, and how job site signage is color coded. Hear examples of color coding standards for workplace signs.

Credits: Communication: The Construction Toolkit (00:17)

Credits: Communication: The Construction Toolkit

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Communication: The Construction Toolkit

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The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills any construction industry worker needs. Poor communication can have disastrous consequences, including endangering the safety of workers and hindering productivity and efficiency, which costs money. This video looks at the key aspects of effective communication in construction, including how to ensure verbal, written and visual communication is effective, receiving communication as it is intended, including active listening and protocols for signage and visual communication in the workplace. It features interviews with Technical Director of ARM Architecture, Wayne Sanderson, Kane Constructions Project Manager, Tim Fowler and Contracts Manager Pat Clements, and Chisholm Institute Carpentry and Joinery Trainer, Ian Malcolm.

Length: 18 minutes

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