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Manji the Baby Rhino (05:07)


Care for Wild Africa houses orphaned baby white rhinos. Petronel Nieuwoudt, who has over twenty years' experience working with wildlife, founded the rescue center. Manji is Nieuwoudt's biggest challenge.

Mandi the Tapir (04:47)

Biologist Rodolfo Orozco Vega founded the Macaw Sanctuary. He cares for many of Costa Rica's rarest animals. Baird tapirs are herbivores and are known to be shy creatures that use their noses like a hand.

Manji Moves to a Boma (09:26)

Three rescued rhinos move to their new home located on the edge of the wild reserve where a herd of rhinos roam free. Nieuwoudt hopes that Manji will soon join them.

Gatida the Margay (04:27)

Vega is responsible for over 600 animals. He keeps animal species together. Gatida the wild cat was rescued when she was a kitten; she is an expert jungle climber.

Manji's New Herd (04:49)

Surrogate mom Nieuwoudt continues to oversee the rhino’s development. Manji's next challenge is to learn how to graze. White rhinos have a square mouth with prehensile lips.

Mandi Learns Survival Skills (03:15)

The tapir needs to learn more essential jungle traits. Vega, a surrogate mom, takes him on a walk with a purpose. Tapir's learn to jump into water for safety from jaguars.

Manji Grazes (08:59)

When young rhinos are able to graze by themselves, they are ready to be released into the wild. Hippos are known as the deadliest mammals in Africa. Nieuwoudt hand-raised Emma the hippo.

Mandi Bonds with Another Tapir (03:28)

Vega wants the tapir encounter to go well; the worst case scenario is Mandi is attacked. Tapirs are not able to breed until they are at least one year old.

Manji Released (02:50)

In Africa, a large protected area is home to seven rehabilitated rhinos. This is where Nieuwoudt wants Manji to be released.

Credit: Nature's Miracle Orphans, Series 2: Manji and Mandi (00:30)

Credit: Nature's Miracle Orphans, Series 2: Manji and Mandi

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Nature's Miracle Orphans, Series 2: Manji and Mandi

Part of the Series : Nature's Miracle Orphans, Series 2
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Manji is an orphaned white rhino. His mother was killed by poachers for her horn and during the attack Manji was hit with a machete and almost lost his eye. He is the youngest orphan that rhino expert Petronel has ever rescued and she is determined to return him to the African savannah. But first he needs to leave the comfort and security of the intensive care unit that he has been recovering in and, with Petronel's help, learn how to be a rhino. In Costa Rica, Mandi the tapir is proving a real handful for Rodolfo. He rescued her from hunters who killed her mother for her meat. Now, he is hoping to introduce Mandi to a family of tapirs that live in his rescue center, but before they will accept her, she needs to develop her wild side.

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