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Moyo the Baby Elephant (05:11)


Across Africa, wild elephant numbers have declined. Roxy Danckwerts is determined to do what she can to help. When Moyo turns nine years old, he is supposed to be returned to the wild.

Robin the Tamandua (03:43)

Biologist Pedro Montero works at Kids Saving the Rainforest, a rescue center in the Costa Rican jungle. He was attracted to this line of work because he likes animals.

Moyo's Herd (06:12)

Danckwerts has spent several months developing the baby elephant’s survival skills. This is part of his rehabilitation. Elephants live in family groups led by a matriarch.

Robin's Testing (05:24)

Tamanduas eat nine thousand ants a day. Robin’s caretaker finds the ants for him. Anteaters track ants by smell and have fur that protects them from ant bites.

Moyo's New Shelter (07:20)

Some sick and abandoned animals have to become long-term residents at the rescue center. Pickles the warthog came to Danckwerts as an injured orphan, with no herd family this animal is a permanent resident.

Robin's Training (02:13)

In the wild tamanduas will forage both day and night. Montero takes Robin out at night to practice his evening hunting skills. He uses infrared cameras to keep track of the anteater.

Moyo's Medical Appointment (05:50)

Wildlife vets perform an immobilization of the baby elephant in order to get x-rays of his legs. Young pachyderms can suffer from irregular bone development. Giving anesthetics to a young elephant carries risks.

Robin's Own Kind (03:08)

The newest tamandua, named Peligroso is introduced to Robin. Montero believes getting the older anteater and the younger anteater together will help build wildlife skills. Tamanduas are typically solitary animals.

Moyo's Mobility Lessons (03:13)

Moyo needs to stretch muscles that hold the tendons and bones together. He needs to spend a lot of time climbing on rocks and challenging terrain.

Robin's Release (02:15)

The tamandua has completed his rehabilitation and is ready for release into the wild. Montero has spent a lot of time finding the ideal spot in the rain forest.

Moyo's Water Challenge (03:20)

Danckwerts takes Moyo down to the big dam to try to help him get over his fear of water. She walks into the reservoir and watches the elephant's response. After much encouragement he plunges into the lake.

Credit: Moyo and Robin: Episode 1-Nature's Miracle Orphans (00:33)

Credit: Moyo and Robin: Episode 1-Nature's Miracle Orphans

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Moyo is a baby African elephant who has been living with Roxy since he was just a few days old and he has found a special place in her heart and on her sofa. He was brought to her rescue and rehabilitation center in Zimbabwe after he was found alone and close to starvation on the banks of a river. It is thought he nearly drowned. Roxy is hoping to return Moyo to the wild. But elephants never forget and Moyo's experience as a baby has left him with emotional scars. He is struggling to overcome his fear of water. In Costa Rica, it is a very different story for Robin the orphaned anteater. He is ready to return to the rainforest. But first he must prove to surrogate mum Pedro that he can fend for himself, and they have to break their very close bond.

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