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Impact of Tourism in Gambia (02:12)


Gambia is one of the smallest and poorest countries located in West Africa. Despite habitation for thousands of years, Gambia as a nation has a short history. European countries imposed borders when they took control of the region.

Benefits of Tourism (01:30)

A holiday travel firm representative states that tourism provides jobs for Gambians in many different areas. Tourism is important because the country has so few ways of making money. Gambia exports peanuts.

Problems of Tourism (04:18)

A local Gambian woman who works in the market is not used to seeing Europeans walking around topless. Local beach boys use violence to solicit visitors for money. Hotel owner Anita Njai states that three of her guests were mugged.

Where Does the Money Go? (08:08)

Adama Bah champions for tourism money to stay local. Private museums give tourists a view of everyday life. A museum manager states that despite writing letters to big tour operators, they do not schedule tours for his museum.

Community Tourism? (02:43)

A tourism development officer explains that community based tourism benefits local people. A Gambian school receives donations from a group of vacationers; donations are not compulsory to visit the school.

Community Tourism: History Holidays (02:06)

In the past, the slave trade took away men, women, and destroyed the economy. An exhibition devoted to the slave trade is promoted as the place where "Roots" was inspired.

Community Tourism: Ecotourism (02:50)

Clive Barlow believes ecotourism should entail good feelings when holiday seekers leave the country. He states that sightseers should demand big tour operators put packages together to ensure the money is spent locally.

Community Tourism: Culture (05:38)

Music has the potential to entice people to leave the beaches and visit the community. Owners of an art shop market musical holidays as an unconventional visitor option. Alternative tourism projects have been set up, but they account for a small proportion of visitors.

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Despite swelling numbers of visitors to Gambia, little money ends up with local people. This program explores the impact of tourism on the country and its people.

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