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Impact of Tourism: Kenya: Introduction (01:10)


Indigenous people in Kenya are paying a high price for tourism. Wild life is endangered by poachers.

Impact of Tourism Kenya (00:41)

Kenya gained independence in 1963 after 60 years as a British colony. Since then it has achieved remarkable stability compared to many of its African neighbors. In 2007, there were disputed elections that caused an outbreak of violence.

Tourism the Key? (04:12)

Tourism brings in a lot of currency from foreign visitors. The Masai Mara landscape holds one of the most well-known game parks in the world. A safari tour guide states that everybody wants to come to this famous part of the world.

The (Rich Man's) Noah's Ark (06:19)

New Yorker John Elliot and his family stay at a luxury lodge located in the middle of the African bush. Donations fund the wildlife sanctuary that protects the animals. Only a few hundred black rhinos still live in Kenya.

The Kindness of Strangers (02:02)

Donations from westerners ensure that some local kids are educated and fed for free. They will be taught to read, write, and respect the game park. The head teacher explains how books and desks are purchased.

A People Dispossessed (07:44)

The government pushed the indigenous people of the Masai Mara off their land to make way for tourists. The trinket sellers have learned an aggressive sales pitch that includes charging money for photographs. Fake villages are set up along the roadside for tourism purposes only.

Fighting Back: The Endorois (06:36)

Indigenous people were thrown off their land in the 1970s to make way for ruby mining. They were threatened by government authorities with jail time if they did not leave. In 2010, the African Union recognized and endorsed human rights for native people.

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This program looks at tourism in Kenya, which is the country's third largest source of income. It examines what most tourists don't see, such as the real villages as opposed to the ones built for tourists to see and the safaris and game parks that provide a more natural experience.

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