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Randolph Hotel (02:15)


The hotel, part of the Madconald Hotels chain, is located in Oxford. This company has many hotels throughout the United Kingdom and employs thousands of workers.

Service Is Everything (06:18)

Good service needs to be faultless. Charlotte McCarthy states that quality service meets the customer's needs and exceeds their expectations; greeting the guest by name is personalized service.

Pesky Customers (01:20)

McCarthy works in the human resources department. She handles customer complaints by carefully listening to what they are saying. She believes that positive language helps establish a good relationship.

Still Waiting After All These Years (03:43)

Maitre D Giuseppe Vurchi states that customers trust him to choose their food and wine. He prefers guests to dress for dinner and believes the younger generation does not know what to order or how to eat it.

The Conference Business (01:36)

In the past, hotels earned money by selling a bed for the night. Conference & Banqueting Manager James Webb states that conferencing is a challenge. He explains how checking in is important to coordinate with concierge and reception.

Getting and Keeping The People (02:33)

HR Manager Fiona De Feu states that employees are a key factor to running a successful hotel. She believes good customer service starts with the right attitude; something you cannot train somebody to have.

The Mystery of the Mystery Shoppers (03:16)

The head office of the Madconald Hotel chain sends ordinary people to check on the business and ensure the hotels meet core standards. The Macdonald Corporation recruited Colin and Wendy Heithus as inspectors after they made a complaint about their stay at a motel.

Highs & Lows (03:13)

Working in a hotel is like being on stage. The hotel needs to meet goals to ensure customers are well taken care of and satisfied. Hotels do not want to lose customers over poor service.

The Art of Welcoming Strangers (02:23)

Neil Cowan states that you must have a lot of energy to work in the hotel industry; he gets most of his ideas of how to help customers when driving around. De Feu believes there is a breed of people who like to be around other people.

Exploited Workers (02:11)

Some hotels employ migrant workers for low wages. A hotel worker who does not work for the Macdonald Hotel chain shares her story about how hard it is to work in London. She expresses how swearing breaks a person down emotionally.

EXTRAS: One Hotel Worker's Story (01:06)

The worker has been working in the catering and hotel industry for many years. She explains that female employees who do not know English well are taken advantage of by supervisors.

Bad Language (00:27)

The worker states that swearing in the kitchen always occurs. She learned how to accept swearing without taking it personally during her 12 years of service.

Sexual Harassment (01:27)

The worker explains that young female room attendants do not know how to protect themselves from male supervisors; the girls are scared to report the abuse.

Tips You Never Get (00:31)

The worker states that her supervisor precedes her into rooms to collect tips meant for her. She states that the housekeepers who do the most work never get the money.

Trade Union (00:60)

The worker learned about the Trade Union from a letter inviting her to a disciplinary meeting. She turned to the internet to find more information.

The Good Side (00:41)

The worker wanted to express the excitement she gets from helping customers. People go into the catering business because they like working with people.

Customers and Mangers (00:53)

The worker states shouting makes her feel pressured. She has to face customers after getting yelled at and put a smile on her face, despite the customer's attitude.

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