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USA: Cruise Tourism (10:32)


Cruise ship passengers spend thousands of dollars a year in Alaska. This industry is targeted to reign in the amount of visitors to tourist destinations. Foreign cruisers do not have to pay income taxes to the United States.

CHINA: "Shangri-La" (15:35)

Travelers come in droves to visit Shangri-La. A local musician explains how the book "Lost Horizon" inspired him to market his homeland. Communities worked together to change mud huts into high rise hotels.

NEPAL: Mountain Tourism (05:06)

Locals wear face masks because of car pollution; Nepal has some of the worst pollution in the world. Edmund Hillary's climb up Mount Everest put the country on the tourist map.

NEPAL: Everest National Park (06:25)

The Everest region has a local population of 3,000 Sherpas. Tourists must register to get into the park. Cutting trees inside the national forest is banned; Sherpa's haul firewood to tourist campsites.

DUBAI: Desert Tourism (05:30)

The Dubai Heritage Village replicates an ancient heritage site of the Arabian Desert. Dubai's Ski Dome houses snow slopes and a large mall. Saeed al Tayer explains that the nation’s water use is high compared to the international standard.

AFRICA: Gorillas In Our Midst (03:59)

Humans remain one of the gorilla’s greatest threats; tourism helps keep them alive. Rosette Rugamba states that the guiding principle for tourism is not to exploit the habitat where gorillas eat wild celery and mushrooms.

AFRICA: Ecotourism (08:35)

When a tourist buys a gorilla permit, he or she is also purchasing amenities. At Volcanoes National Park, guides meet to finalize a trek. A U.S. tourist is concerned about the future of gorillas.

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