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Human Resources Strategy Overview (04:13)


People are an organization's biggest asset. HR is responsible for managing employees in a business. Sometimes the bottom line comes ahead of personnel.

Human Resources Management (04:17)

At General Mills in the U.K., training and development are taken seriously. A key term regarding recruitment is workforce planning. Employees must be properly rewarded.

Different Management Styles (05:53)

The hard human resources theory is controlling people. Employees have no freedom and managers have strict control. The soft approach gives employees a sense of empowerment.

HR Objectives & Strategy In Action Part One: Blakeway Ltd (05:07)

This case study shows different approaches to human resource objectives. Stephen Maynard is the majority shareholder of the company.

HR Objectives & Strategy In Action Part Two: General Mills UK (04:23)

General Mills is one of the biggest food companies in the world. To win the battle for growth, the company invests in people. Cross functional teams is key to success.

Questioning Culture and Community Connection (04:44)

General Mills provides a friendly atmosphere with perks. They support the Hillingdon Book of the Year that helps improve literacy levels of London children.

Human Resources Management In Action: The Centor Approach (03:24)

The London insurance broker was established in 1973, but almost went out of business. Neil Walton raised funding and bought out the company.

Centor Personnel Traits (04:48)

Centor cares about employees. HR Manager Carly Nunn explains that Centor hires people technically trained to do the job. The business has a "work hard, play hard" culture.

Honesty is the Best Policy (03:38)

Poor communication can cause breakdowns. Being honest means managers are transparent about what they do. They try to ensure a fair work environment.

People Power and Creating a Culture (03:33)

People will enjoy work more if they feel like they can be themselves. When people act from good intentions, there are opportunities to learn and move forward.

Good Attitude Development (03:51)

Employees can be trained to do a job, but natural abilities to interact with customers cannot be learned. Department managers sit down with employees and set target goals.

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