Segments in this Video

Introduction: Behind the Statistics (00:52)


This segment orients viewers to the concept of statistics.

Sampling (05:54)

Learn what sampling is and how it is done. Hear the differences between probability and non-probability sampling and the benefits and limitations of each method.

Correlations (04:24)

Correlations measure the relationships between variables. Correlational analysis starts with a hypothesis. Learn the strengths and limitations of correlations.

Experimental Design (07:21)

Many things must be considered by researchers when designing an experiment to establish causality by linking an independent variable with a dependent variable. Learn the strengths and limitations of using a repeated measures design or an independent measures design.

Credits: Behind the Statistics (00:41)

Credits: Behind the Statistics

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Behind the Statistics

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Statistical data is rightly seen as a central feature of much psychological research, but students need to understand the important methodological processes underpinning the production of such data. In this film, we go Behind the Statistics to look at the various factors -- from sampling techniques, through ideas about correlation and causation to experimental design -- that can influence the reliability and validity of statistical data.

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