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Group Work Skills & Outreach to Older Adults in a Community Center (04:28)


A social worker visited seniors during their lunch period and explained that she was hosting a new discussion group. She decided not to label it a support group. One of the group's members shares inspirational text.

Support Group Experiences (04:33)

Lenny checks in with the group and talks about the week. Members express their frustrations with health and medical doctors.

Fears of Alzheimer's (05:06)

A woman states she needs to keep busy to live a long life. The social worker recommends a group member attend the memory workshop. The group discusses how to empower a woman who is frustrated with her medical provider.

Learning to Set Boundaries (05:03)

Leora Perlman works at Hargrave House providing case management for residents. She spends time with one of her clients and schedules another appointment on Monday.

Informal Check-in with Supervisor (02:17)

Perlman feels conflicted about sharing personal information. Her supervisor explains that communicating with her clients is integral.

Helping Older Adults Accept Services (03:43)

A social worker describes frustrations with depending on another to perform small chores. Adult Protective Services (APS) had an altercation with a client, which resulted in her not wanting any future services. As an advocate, social workers need to make the woman understand that there are other individuals that can help her.

Helping Older Adults Accept Services: Good Experiences (04:10)

Perlman meets with an elderly resident who decides to obtain help because of medical issues. Perlman hopes she is not gone when the helper arrives. She worries that the resident will feel threatened when told he can no longer cook or handle his medication.

Home Health Attendant in Place (04:53)

The resident requests the presence of his home health attendant more often because his eyes are failing. Perlman feels that Medicaid will not approve additional hours for Sylvia.

Helping Family Caregivers Get Services, while Supporting Self-Determination (05:25)

A social worker wants a caregiver to become her client so she can convince the woman to join a support group. The woman feels she cannot leave her sister alone because she leaves the apartment. The social worker advocates a home health aide and gives the woman a list of agencies that accept Medicare.

No Nursing Homes (05:42)

The caregiver wants to ensure that her sister is treated well by her doctor. The social worker suggests the woman attend a support group to help educate and encourage.

Confronting Ageism in Ourselves (04:54)

A social worker tries to convince an elderly client to allow a home health aide to come every week. A supervisor explains how the social worker is categorizing people by their age. The social worker describes her preconceived notions toward geriatric clients.

Confronting Ageism in Ourselves: Using Supervision (04:25)

As people age, characteristics that were present worsen. The social worker describes how she does not want to hear 80-year-olds discuss sex. The supervisor asks questions to ensure that the social worker gets to know her clients.

Outreach to the Very Old (04:39)

A social worker describes her initial assessment process when meeting an elderly client. Mrs. E. is annoyed because she has an issue in her mouth, but she feels better than the previous week.

Outreach to the Very Old. Home Visiting (02:30)

The social worker used to worry about maintaining conversations with Mrs. E., but finds her client will bring up another subject. The social worker will complete her semester in May and feels guilty she will not be with Meals on Wheels long-term.

Students' Growth Over Time (03:33)

A social worker cannot believe the term is almost over. Students discuss what they learned from the elderly and why they went into social services.

Students' Growth Over Time: Advocating for the Elderly (02:37)

Students describe their favorite memory of clients and what they learned. Perlman loves making a difference in the elderly population. The students graduate from Fordham University.

Credits: Becoming a Social Worker with Older Adults: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth (00:30)

Credits: Becoming a Social Worker with Older Adults: Real Students, Real Clients, Real Growth

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In this video by social work professor Judith Smith, social work students show how to apply skills to field work with older adult clients. Viewers learn about support groups, home visits, caregivers, self-determination, ageism, and outreach to the very old.

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