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Hotel and Motel Managers: Main Duties and Responsibilities (00:31)


As a general manager of a Philadelphia Hilton, Scott Dial oversees the hotel's operations, sales, and financials.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Career Beginnings (00:32)

Dial worked at a Hilton as a cook while he finished school. He was invited to join a management training program.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Keys for Success (01:04)

An individual who is innately hospitable can do well in this industry.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Education and Certification Requirements (03:00)

Dial encourages anyone interested in progressing in hotel management to avail themselves to the programs offered by the corporation they work for. General management requires good math skills.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Workplace Atmosphere (01:48)

Salaried managers work 50 hours a week, while hourly managers work 40. Dial avoids micromanaging his department heads.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Advice for Aspiring Pros (02:33)

Be prepared to work over 40 hours a week. A college degree, though helpful, is not required.

Hotel and Motel Managers: A Day on the Job (01:51)

Dial describes his day, which begins at 7 am and includes a morning meeting with all the department managers. He keeps afternoons free to assist departments with special events.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Industry Goals and Services (00:44)

To be competitive with other hotels that offer rooms and restaurants, his hotel must offer top-notch customer service.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Industry Challenges (03:27)

Big hotel chains are buying out smaller hotels. Many new hotels are offering limited service. Hotel owners are choosing automated registration/check-in to reduce expenses.

Hotel and Motel Managers: Looking at the Future (03:28)

In the future there will be only four or five major companies, which will be geared toward the technology-driven generation that is not interested in full service. The demand for engineering and human resource positions will decline.

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What is it like to be a hotel general manager? In this Career Q&A video interview, Scott Dial talks about his career path, what he does on the job, and the keys to success in the field of hotel management. He also offers candid advice on breaking into the profession as well as insight into the industry’s biggest challenges and how the field may change in the next ten years.

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