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Examples of Inspiring Business Cultures: Zappos (04:10)


This forward thinking company abides by 10 core values that are practiced daily by employees at every level. Here examples of how this is accomplished.

Examples of Inspiring Business Cultures: Patagonia (05:20)

Hear the mission statement of this outdoor clothing company. Its purpose is to use business to make a difference in the world.

Examples of Inspiring Business Cultures: SAS Institute (03:49)

This is the largest privately held software company in the world. This B2B company maintains low turnover by nurturing employees.

From Customers to Fans: Turning Companies Into Movements (05:25)

Apple is an example of what many companies hope to achieve. People identify with movements that magnify their own values and beliefs.

Examples of Inspiring Business Cultures: TOMS (04:46)

This is an example of turning a company into a movement. Hear a summary of the "One for One" business model.

Conclusion: Module 3 & Next Steps (03:52)

Hear a summary of the most important points about creating a purpose-driven culture.

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Creating a Purpose-Driven Business: Part 4—Examples of Inspiring Business Cultures - Creating A Movement

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 3: Creating a Purpose-Driven Business
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This program provides real-life case studies of organizations including Zappos, Patagonia, and SAS Institute, which have built an inspiring culture – and how they did it. You’ll learn how to access the power of a movement – where you create fans rather than customers. This episode outlines what’s needed to access the emotional power in people, and how to turn a company into a movement.

Length: 28 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-63521-992-0

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