Segments in this Video

Creating a Purpose Culture: Introduction (02:52)


Hear how this chapter will teach you how to apply your previously created positioning statement to your career and how to create a purpose driven business culture.

Using Your Position Statement to Advance Your Career (03:54)

Learn how to position yourself as a leader with your boss and others.

Building a Strong Network of Support (06:04)

Learn how to use your positioning statement as a networking tool. Hear examples of how this works.

Reflection: Applying Your Positioning Statement to Your Career (01:03)

Viewers are asked to reflect on how the positioning statement can be used and set a date for implementation.

Introduction: Building a Purpose-Driven Culture (05:39)

Hear the reasons for creating a culture where people are engaged and inspired to reach a common purpose. Uncertainty breeds fear. Changes ideally start from the top.

The Building Blocks of a Purpose Driven Culture (05:36)

Culture describes how a group of people interact with each other. It is often created through imitation or communication.

Reflection: Assessing the Status Quo of Your Culture (01:27)

Viewers are asked to reflect on organizational rules of the game.

Building a Purpose-Culture: Setting the Stage (05:22)

A plan, time, and means to follow through are crucial when implementing a culture shift. Be confident with your positioning statement.

Building a Culture: Step-By-Step Workshop Template (Part 1) (04:26)

Hold a one day workshop; set the context; play the "How Great Leaders Inspire Action" video; read your why, how, what statement; create a team statement starting with the "how."

Building a Culture: Step-By-Step Workshop Template (Part 2) (03:25)

After the "how" statement has been established, work on the "why." It consists of fundamental beliefs and the status quo that will change. Help connect it to a business context.

Building a Culture: Step-By-Step Workshop Template (Part 3) (06:42)

With the "how" and "why" statements complete, work on the "what." Help guide general outcomes and specific results. Request a commitment to reflect the statement.

Developing Your Culture Roll-Out Strategy (07:44)

Hear strategies for carrying out your culture change initiative based on the size of your team. See a list of Zappo's core values.

Turning Abstract Values Into Concrete Behaviors (02:50)

Revisit your "how" statement and turn values into principles that can be used in day to day situations.

Building a Purpose Culture: Key Elements to Remember (02:39)

Hear a summary of the topics covered in this video.

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Creating a Purpose-Driven Business: Part 3—Creating A Purpose-Driven Business Culture, Applying Your Positioning Statement to Grow Your Career

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 3: Creating a Purpose-Driven Business
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This program is one of the most powerful elements of this module: you’ll get a step-by-step manual for building a purpose-driven culture in any team – no matter whether you are the CEO of an organization or a middle manager. You’ll understand the building blocks for creating an inspiring culture, and you’ll get a concrete agenda for integrating an inspiring culture into the DNA of an organization. With this model, you can create a work environment where you enjoy working, yourself, and where your people want to work and give their best.

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