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Developing Your HOW: The Culture You Want to Create (03:07)


This section will focus on the how of the why, how, what statement. This gives a clear image of the environment you want to create.

Tips & Tricks to Make Your "How" Powerful (04:29)

If your statement is authentic, you would raise your children this way. It should be between four and eight simple, descriptive sentences.

Why You Do Everything You Do: Becoming a Purpose Driven Leader (02:46)

A powerful why statement provides clarity about your convictions, must be a purpose beyond yourself, and should explain why you do everything in your personal and professional life.

Exercise: Developing Your WHY (08:29)

Ask yourself what kind of company would you ideally like to create? What is your "magic dust" that you will spread as a leader? How will your environment become a better place?

Developing Your Why: Approach 2 (06:13)

Answer four questions to develop your why statement. What will improve as a result of you expressing your magic? Transfer your answers into the template.

Tips & Tricks to Make Your "Why Powerful" (04:04)

Use the two sentence template, do not explain yourself, use simple words, help others reach their potential.

The "What': Clarity About the Results You Achieve (02:48)

This is the outcome you want to achieve and delivers proof of the why and how. Develop a general statement and one that is specific to your job.

Completing Your Positioning Statement (02:13)

Now that you have completed your why, how, and what, it is time to put the statement together. Hear an example.

Apply Your Positioning Statement to Advance Your Career (05:43)

Understand why your statement is powerful and how you can implement it in your career to move from manager to leader.

Conclusion & Next Steps (01:54)

Your statement gives a clear direction for your life and a clear leadership vision. It also helps you shift from a manager to a leader.

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In this program you will first understand how you can create a perception about yourself where others say: “This person is a real leader. We need that person on our team.” We’ll give you a step-by-step approach to create your own leadership vision. You’ll create and a 1-minute statement that positions you clearly with others – a statement that clearly outlines your larger mission, how you get it done, and what others can expect to see as a result. This statement has prepared executives for top positions, and it has catapulted mid-level managers to be invited to work with the executive board of global corporations.

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