Segments in this Video

What You Will Learn (01:29)


This video will help viewers create understanding and collaboration in business and personal relationships.

Creating a Culture of Accountability and Responsibility (11:31)

Effectiveness and trust suffer when leaders do not cultivate this culture. Hear an example of how this happens in a business environment and how a corrective process can be implemented.

Reflection: Accountability & Responsibility in Your Life (02:28)

Viewers are asked to think of a recent commitment someone could not keep and the feelings evoked by the interaction. This information can be used to implement a process.

From Competition to Collaboration: 5 Steps to Transform Teams (08:36)

Leaders must change the mindset of employees to achieve success for the company. Hear an example of how office politics are detrimental.

Creating Collaborative Teams: Step 1 - Safe Environment (02:49)

This step is accomplished by seeing people for who they are. Genuine connection helps relieve competition.

Collaborative Teams: Step 2 - Stop Managing People (07:59)

Leaders should strive to be facilitators to team members by providing an environment where employees can thrive. Hear an example of how this can be accomplished.

Collaborative Teams: Step 3 - Establish Rules of the Game (04:16)

This is the set of values by which the team is expected to operate. Most problems happen because rules are not clearly defined.

Collaborative Teams: Step 4 - Unleashing Your People's Power (03:39)

Mission statements often get ignored under the pressure of daily business. A common purpose is essential to collaboration.

Collaborative Teams: Step 5 - Implementing Process (03:08)

Recommendations include a check in process and an evaluation and hiring process based on established values.

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Creating Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams: Part 3—Building Great Teams: Creating A Culture of Collaboration & Accountability

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 2: Creating Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams
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In this program you will understand how to create a culture of accountability & responsibility in any team or relationship. You’ll get 5 steps to move teams from Competition to Collaboration, even in highly diverse teams. In this episode you’ll learn tools and practical approaches that have helped top executives create highly effective and functioning teams.

Length: 46 minutes

Item#: BVL128574

ISBN: 978-1-63521-986-9

Copyright date: ©2015

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