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What You Will Learn (04:30)


Communication is the key to personal and professional success. Authentic expression will create trust and respect in relationships. Unspoken dialogue can be damaging.

Active Listening: Why You Need to Listen Before You Speak (08:38)

Hear an example of how considering the other person's needs can prevent or solve conflict. Humans want to be heard.

Active Listening: The Most Important Points to Remember (04:52)

Tips and tricks for resolving or preventing conflict include listening to needs, reflecting what you heard, ask what the other person needs, and remember it is not about you.

Communicating With Power and Authenticity (09:50)

Hear an example of how to express yourself with clarity in a way that creates trust instead of resistance. State the issue, express feelings, state your need, and request action.

Applying Your Communication Skills to Your Work & Life (04:55)

Hear a summary of important points from previous sections. Nonverbal dialogue is more important than spoken words.

Conflict: Your Opportunity to Build Trust & Connection (07:01)

Conflicts are a good opportunity to build trust and intimacy in business and personal relationships. Letting go of right and wrong is essential to resolution.

Exercise: Dealing Effectively With Conflicts (06:32)

Viewers are asked to think of an unresolved conflict with another person and set up a meeting to practice active listening.

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Creating Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams: Part 2—Communicating With Power & Authenticity and Dealing With Conflict Situations

Part of the Series : Conscious Business Module 2: Creating Fulfilling Relationships & Great Teams
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In this program you’ll discover how you can communicate with power and authenticity – even in conflict and pressure-cooker situations. If you want to achieve anything in life, it involves communication. Unfortunately, we have not learned to communicate in a way that creates trust and understanding. This program will teach you a way to communicate that can improve any relationship. Applying the principles of this program has the power to change your life.

Length: 47 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-63521-985-2

Copyright date: ©2015

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