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Communications in Business (00:55)


Good communications are essential in any business. The two forms of communication are verbal and non-verbal. Codes of conduct are important where businesses must comply with legal duties.

Getting Things Done (05:01)

Computer technology has made an impact on how businesses use communications media. One-way and two-way communications can be seen when a company uses a bulletin board to communicate to employees; formal and informal communications part of businesses. Customer communications is one of the most important forms of communication.

Informal Communications (01:58)

The rumor mill is a classic channel of informal communication. Grapevines are common to all organizations, without a good form of communication in the office the reporting of gossip can become the norm. "I heard it on the grapevine" is a classic channel of communication.

Open and Closed (00:42)

Open communication refers to a style of language that is easy to understand; generally ideal for marketing messages or for general communications to staff and stakeholders. An example of closed communication would be technical language full of jargon.

Vertical and Horizontal (03:05)

HR manager Karen Rider states that communication is a two-way process. Technology creates a fast-pace, which allows free form communication. Horizontal communication is about information flow between people on the same level in the corporation.

Barriers to Communication (03:01)

Hampered communication can result when there are too many emails in your inbox. HR commentator Toni Brooks states that a chain network is an old system.

Communication in Action (01:36)

Closing a plant is a sensitive issue. The savings in labor costs that come from downsizing can be a financial boost to the company. This action has out stretched consequences that involve people's lives and their families.

Communication Time Bomb (06:20)

Hefty fines are consequences of not following layoff rules. Trying to find the source of leaked information in a company is difficult. Stephen Blakeway accuses a person who attended the initial meeting to discuss the layoffs, but later finds out it was someone else.

Communication: More Voices (04:30)

No communication should leave an employee feeling demoralized. An employee spent a lot of time going through her inbox and filtering out unimportant electronic messages. An employee thought electronic mail was a blessing until it became overwhelming.

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Good communications are essential in any business— and there are many different kinds of communication. This program looks at one-way and two-way, formal and informal, and open and closed communication, as well as emails and the internet. There is an intense confrontation in the office when the boss accuses a long time employee of leaking information about the layoffs prematurely.

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