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Redundancy (02:41)


HR Manager Karen Rider explains that termination happens when a job no longer exists. Redundancy is a dismissal; it is different to discharge for disciplinary reasons. The jobless process is found in employment law.

Discipline & Dismissal (03:56)

Gross misconduct occurs when there has been an assault or theft. It is important for the company to follow the minimum statutory requirements. Misconduct is behavior that goes against the organization's rules for employees. An employment tribunal can take place if the employee cites unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal.

Constructive Dismissal (02:20)

If an employer or employee makes the workplace environment difficult for another employee, they can take their case to the employee committee for constructive dismissals. Ruth Neil explains what happens when there is distrust between employer and employee. Elaine Heslop explains implied duty of mutual trust and confidence.

Dismissal Stories (02:51)

“Richard” a manager at a clothing store, recalls laying an employee off for theft. “Stewart” had a gabardine coat hidden under his personal outer garment. The company made “Stewart” redundant and tried to get out of redundancy pay.

Termination of Employment: Case Study 1 Gross Misconduct (07:36)

"Jo" held a steady job for five years, when she took money out of a coworker’s handbag without asking. Closed circuit television captured "Jo” taking the currency. She insisted throughout the deliberations that she just borrowed the cash.

Q & A (03:00)

"Jo" thought she had three weeks to appeal, but the personnel manager told her seven days. If the company that "Jo" worked for failed to give her clear information of the appeals procedure, she can appeal her dismissal. Wrongful dismissal means the company did not follow its rules.

Termination of Employment: Case Study 2 Redundancy (07:20)

A business owner decided to close one of his factories, and move production to Romania. Making people redundant is a complex situation, but it can be an easier transition if the employee would accept voluntary redundancy. The company must follow objective criteria.

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