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Introduction to Autism (03:24)


Jonathan Chase describes the benefits and drawbacks to being diagnosed with Autism. It includes a broad spectrum of symptoms and sensitivities. When he was first diagnosed, doctors told his parents he would never have strong relationships with others, live alone, or work with his hands.

A Broad Spectrum (04:00)

Temple Grandin explains that educators and parents should build on a child's strengths and provide them with work experience and basic life skills. Too many smart children only talk about their autism "label" and play video games instead of seeking professional employment and interests.

Telling Children their Diagnosis (03:31)

Autism is neither good nor bad, only a difference Steven Shore must contend with. His parents explained his diagnosis at an early age and invested in multiple therapies to encourage him to regain his power of speech. Most of Shore's memories during his non-verbal time are pictorial.

Music Makes More Sense Than People (02:57)

As a teenager, Chase practiced shaking hands, eye contact, and analyzing body language. Everyone possesses a quality on the autism spectrum, and he prefers to think of similarities between himself and others than differences.

A Household Word (04:00)

Shore describes how children with Autism should be encouraged to parlay special interests into employment. Grandin notes that many people only want to discuss their disease instead of their interests. Chase examines how children need to be encouraged to find a maximum level of independence in order to integrate into society.

A Fulfilling and Productive Life (02:31)

By ameliorating the debilitating aspects of the disorder, those diagnosed can exceed expectations and provide spectacular results. Autistics perceive, interpret, and process stimuli and behavior differently. Doctors suggested both Grandin and Shore be institutionalized when they were children.

Helping Kids Become Successful (02:18)

Grandin explains how she needed to change her behavior to become more professional and credits hard work and her mentors. Shore hopes that more people diagnosed with Autism will lead fulfilling and productive lives. Chase wants to help others understand those afflicted with the disorder.

Credits: Autism: Insight from Inside (01:33)

Credits: Autism: Insight from Inside

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Temple Grandin, Jonathan Chase, and Stephen Shore explore how Autism affects their lives, the benefits and drawbacks to being diagnosed, and how society can help those afflicted lead more fulfilling and productive lives.

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