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"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part One (02:50)


An actor recites a Nazi Soldier's view of World War II. Carl Jung wrote of the cruelty and darkness of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler wanted to capture Stalingrad, but its people and its allies resisted.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Two (03:49)

"The Hudson Review" published letters Nazi soldiers wrote in 1943 during the battle of Stalingrad when they knew only one more German plane would be able to leave. Watch a dramatization of the events. The soldiers discuss whether or not they should surrender to the Russian party.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Three (03:39)

Watch a dramatization of a soldier pondering the meaning of life. A former pianist realizes he will never play professionally again.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Four (02:19)

Watch a dramatization of a soldier saying goodbye to his wife and children. Another soldier realizes that he spent eight years worshiping the furor, but has now lost faith.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Five (03:21)

A psychiatrist describes how Nazism grew because of a fear of being alone. Jung explains how the Germans elected a psychopath as Führer. Watch a dramatization of events where one soldier promises his family he will get home.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Six (02:07)

Watch a dramatization where a soldier asks his wife for a divorce. Another says goodbye to his wife and realizes his life is over.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Seven (02:52)

A soldier dictates a letter to his father about witnessing a Russian driver whose legs were set on fire. Another soldier cautions against writing to unknown soldiers.

"Last Letters From Stalingrad": Part Eight (05:43)

Most of the Nazi soldiers who participated in the battle of Stalingrad died, became ill, and never saw their homeland again. Watch a dramatization of the men's last thoughts about the war. Russian forces confiscated the letters and never sent them back to Germany.

Credits: Last Letters From Stalingrad (00:32)

Credits: Last Letters From Stalingrad

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Last Letters From Stalingrad

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This video features a theatrical arrangement of the last letters from the great World War Two battle at Stalingrad in January 1943, written by German soldiers before they were captured or killed. Impounded by the German high command, the letters were never delivered -- they expressed feelings of fear, disillusionment, the uselessness of war, and introspection about the meaning of life -- considered too dangerous to be conveyed to the homefront. Actors: J. D. Cannon, Edwin Sherin, Ted Gunther, John Horn, Louis Edmonds, Gerald O'Loughlin, Michael Wager, Martin Rudy, Jon Voight, Sean Garrison.

Length: 28 minutes

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