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Frederick Kiesler wants to liberate people from living in square boxes. This episode will discuss his designs and aesthetic. Look at early models of his "Endless House."

Why is it Called "The Endless House" (02:00)

Kiesler based his models on the concept of infinity to create flow between living spaces. By living in boxes individuals have become closed in and limited. Houses should respond to the personal needs of its inhabitants.

Sample Models (02:11)

Kiesler explains two versions of his "Endless House" where the walls are concave and ceilings are slanted. His houses are made of cement, could be built on the sand or on the water, and do not need deep foundations.

Relationship Between Sculpture and Architecture (02:17)

Architecture combines the functional with the aesthetic. Governor Rockefeller owns a sculpture of Kiesler. James Macandrew quotes "Art News" on his "Endless House."

How Homes Evolved (04:52)

Kiesler describes how construction has evolved over the years and describes the history of his "Endless House." Material developed from wood to steel to plastics and cement. Units are no longer dependent on building foundations into the ground.

Plans Developed after Model Completed (03:11)

Before creating the blueprints, Kiesler designed a model of the "Endless House." He created numerous textures for the floors and walls by working with reinforced concrete. Look at blueprints of the "Endless House."

Victorian Age to Industrial (03:12)

Kiesler describes changes in 19th and 20th-century architecture, and how his "Endless House" differs from modern homes. Environments are created through human needs, not technology.

Interior of the "Endless House" (03:24)

Furniture and adornments would need to be adapted to live in the house. Kiesler designed a rocker for the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in New York City that possessed 18 different uses.

Re-thinking Architecture (03:37)

Bathrooms are very complicated and new innovations need to be implemented. "Endless Houses" are 25-30% less expensive than traditional homes as well as waterproof, fireproof, and low maintenance. Each home will be individualized for the family's size and income.

Credits: Frederick Kiesler Explains His Architecture (00:44)

Credits: Frederick Kiesler Explains His Architecture

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This video features modern architect Frederick Kiesler, whom Phillip Johnson called "the greatest unbuilt architect of our times," in an interview, together with many visuals of models of his work. He discusses his "Endless House," a new type of dwelling Kiesler sees as the future of the American home. Models of modern houses by Kiesler are shown. Kiesler has been designing buildings since 1920. He has had a great influence on other architects.

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