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Better Informed Choices (03:27)


Since the original food label's creation in 1993, a more sedentary lifestyle and poor food choices have contributed to our obesity epidemic. The refreshed label includes changes to the required nutrients list and updates in serving size requirements. Manufacturers must use the new nutrition label by July 26, 2018.

New Food Label: A New Look (05:59)

The redesign makes it easier for the consumer to see calories per serving. Consuming more calories than we burn increases body fat and can lead to serious health problems. A footnote more clearly explains percent daily value. A box of macaroni and cheese emphasizes the 5-20 rule.

The Role of Nutrition Science: Added Sugars (03:03)

Hear the meaning of nutrition science. The new food label emphasizes serving size, calories per serving, and added sugars. Learn names for added sugars and common foods with added sugars.

The Role of Nutrition Science: Nutrition Science (03:39)

Vitamin D and potassium are now required on the new food label. Learn their benefits and common sources.

The Role of Nutrition Science: Trans Fat (01:59)

The new food label includes the percent daily value from fats, while the amount of calories from fat has been removed. Learn about trans fats, which are inflammatory and lead to chronic diseases.

Serving Size and Servings per Container (05:10)

The FDA determines serving size based on the amount that people typically eat at one time and the number of servings in a package. Portion sizes have increased with the popularity of fast food chains; more than 2/3 of adults are now considered overweight. The new label prominently shows the calories per serving and the calories per container.

New Food Label Summary (04:54)

Review the purpose of the new label and its new look, the three major changes and nutrient updates, and changes based on current nutrition science data.

Credits: Reading and Understanding the New Food Label (01:02)

Credits: Reading and Understanding the New Food Label

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Reading and Understanding the New Food Label

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This program highlights changes in the new food label, which will be required in 2018. Viewers learn how it has been simplified for the consumer and modernized based on current nutrition science. 

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