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Hello My Name is Yellow (02:24)


Filmmaker Francis Luta interviews Asian men about their experiences with racism and dating. Chris and Chris Jai just want nice, supportive partners. Albert sees no point in trying to change for others.

Perceptions about Asian Men (03:45)

Jaime believes studies finding Asian men to have smaller penis size are irrelevant. Gord felt awkward about his Japanese heritage and never dated during school. Chris, Ruban, and Kevin talk about racism in geolocation dating apps like Grinder.

Racism in the LGBT Community (03:33)

Jaime talks about "Asianness" as a fetish. Ruban describes encountering superiority and entitlement among white men on dating apps. Albert points out that biases exist within all racial, ethnic and religious groups.

Racial Hierarchy (02:44)

Ruban identifies an ethnic social order in the LGBT community as white, Latino, black, brown, and then Asian. Jaime describes his personal journey to stop idealizing white men. Kevin discusses overcoming stereotypes about Asian men.

Dating other Asian Men (02:55)

Ruban and Kevin have observed competition among Asian men for a white partner. Albert has noticed a gradual increase in Asian men dating white women. Chris Jai found it culturally easier to date a Chinese man.

I'm Beautiful Too (03:36)

Jaime addresses how beauty ideals have evolved. Steven's self-image changed when he lost weight. Gord has learned to accept how he looks, rather than compare himself to white people.

If I Weren't Yellow (01:35)

An online survey finds 80% of non-whites prefer not to date other non-white people. Ruban believes online dating would take less effort, if he were white. Jaime appreciates his experiences as an Asian man.

Growing Up in a Yellow House (02:31)

Ruban grew up in rural Alberta in a white community, and is attracted to white men. Gord participated in "Anglo" activities like hockey, and was accepted in his neighborhood. Early Asian immigrants were segregated to avoid challenging power structures.

I See Yellow on TV and Film (02:48)

Steven finds Bruce Lee's confidence inspiring. Jaime discusses media influence on male attractiveness. Chris writes his own rules, as a cabaret entertainer; he and Kevin say people are surprised at their singing talent, as Asian men.

Perpetuating Racial Stereotypes (04:37)

Mass media excludes the Asian community, in trying to reach a wide audience. Albert identifies stereotypical Asian roles in television and film; view a breakdown of lead roles by race. Jaime discusses negative effects of marginalizing people of color.

Yellow Model (04:35)

Interviewees have trouble identifying Asian role models. Steven is forging his own path, as a model. Kevin leaves parts open for actors of color in his musicals; he discusses the lack of Asian pop stars in North America.

Asian Pioneers (03:42)

Kevin urges Asian artists to forge their own path. Chris says Toronto's multi-cultural population supports organizations like the Fu-Gen Theater Company. Albert and Jaime discuss ways to change social perceptions.

You're Beautiful Too (03:51)

Albert believes that interracial relationships and perceptions of Asian male attractiveness will change in multi-cultural settings. Interviewees reflect on the process of self-acceptance.

Credits: Project Yellow (00:00)

Credits: Project Yellow

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A documentary by an Asian guy about Asian guys and the stigma they often face. Yellow is a documentary about the Asian male phenomena perceived in the media and gay culture and how it reflects from their childhood.

Length: 44 minutes

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