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Arterial Blood Gas Collection: Introduction (02:28)


Blood gas results provide information about a patient's respiratory and metabolic status. This video will illustrate arterial and capillary blood gas collection according to the American Association for Respiratory Care guidelines and CLSI standards.

Arterial Site Collection (02:35)

The three acceptable blood collection sites are the radial, brachial, and femoral arteries. Learn guidelines and restrictions for using each artery.

Supplies and Patient Identification (02:22)

Plastic pre-heparinized syringes are the most commonly used device for arterial blood sampling. Topics include: technique; collection supplies; in-patient identification; out-patient identification; and requisition information.

Patient Preparation (08:08)

Explain the procedure to the patient and attempt to calm anxieties. Topics include: oxygen therapy patients; modified Allen test; brachial artery; radial draws; site preparation; arterial puncture; failed attempt recovery; brachial puncture; hemostasis; requisition form; specimen transport; and arterial line specimen collection.

Capillary Blood Gas Collection (05:07)

These specimens may be substitutes for arterial blood when assessing acid-base balance and ventilation adequacy. Topics include: puncture sites; supplies; capillary bed arterialization; site preparation; collection technique; labeling; and bandaging.

Complications (03:02)

Common complications associated with the collection of arterial blood specimens include: nerve provoking, hematoma, arteriospasm, infection, air embolism, clot embolism, occlusion, and artery trauma. Watch for signs of fainting.

Summary (02:49)

Review the elements of arterial blood gas collection discussed in this video.

Additional Resources (01:06)

See additional resources on phlebotomy information.

Credits: Arterial Blood Gas Collection (00:36)

Credits: Arterial Blood Gas Collection

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Still current and fully reflecting the prevailing standards, this program covers the critical aspects of arterial sampling every respiratory therapist, phlebotomist, nurse, and physician must know when collecting blood gases. The procedure reflects the most current versions of the Clinical Practice Guidelines of the American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) and Procedures for the Collection of Arterial Blood Specimens published in by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI).

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