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Skin Punctures & Newborn Screens: Introduction (00:46)


This video will illustrate blood collection techniques for newborns, infants, and adults according to CLSI standards. Topics include: procedures for obtaining high quality specimens, acceptable sample sites, and newborn screen collection technique.

Safety (02:17)

The use of personal protective equipment is as important as sample collection technique; puncture devices should be single use and contain a retractable lancet. Learn several scenarios where capillary collection is advantageous.

Supplies and Equipment (01:18)

Device styles to obtain capillary collection include incision and puncture devices. Other equipment includes: alcohol preps or skin disinfectant; gauze pads; gloves; micro-collection containers;sharps container;bandages;newborn screening cards; and more.

Fingersticks (10:10)

Consider a patient's age, the tests ordered, and available sites when choosing a collection site. Topics include: acceptable sites for patients one year and older; patient identification; mastectomy patients; safety precautions; site prep; collection technique; sample volume; order of draw; labeling; microhematocrit tubes; and hygiene.

Heelsticks (06:00)

Heelsticks on newborns and infants less than one-year-old are vital to patient care. Topics include: patient identification; site location; hygiene; site prep; collection technique; sample mixing; labeling; bandaging; and bilirubin specimens.

Newborn Screening (03:59)

Newborn screens can help prevent mental retardation, physical disabilities, or death. Topics include: general collection procedure; microhematocrit tubes; test card drying; submission; contamination prevention; and card rejection.

Summary (02:23)

Review the elements of capillary puncture collections and newborn screens discussed in this video.

Additional Resources (01:21)

See additional resources for phlebotomy information.

Credits: Skin Punctures & Newborn Screens (00:26)

Credits: Skin Punctures & Newborn Screens

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This program, the most current and comprehensive available on the subject, demonstrates the proper technique for performing fingersticks, heelsticks, and newborn screening collections. Detailed information, demonstrations, and graphic animations are all based on the latest CLSI standards (GP42-A6) and OSHA guidelines.

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