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Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits: Introduction (02:05)


This program will illustrate key concepts on phlebotomy liability. Topics include: common injuries of poor phlebotomy technique, error association, and potential injury evaluation.

Malpractice Case (03:34)

Learn how legal proceedings unfold in a healthcare malpractice case. Topics include: injury evidence, standard of care, deposition, and CLSI standards.

Types of Injuries (10:41)

Common injuries include: nerve damage, arterial neck, subcutaneous hemorrhage, and fainting; Dennis Ernst cites four malpractice cases. Learn how to respond if a patient experiences shooting, electric-like pain; the brachial artery is nicked; or a patient underwent a mastectomy.

Types of Injuries: Fainting and Sample Labeling (04:25)

A patient may become dizzy or faint during or after a venipuncture procedure. Healthcare professionals must be prepared for a patient to lose consciousness; learn symptoms. Permanently label a blood specimen before leaving a patient.

Technical Errors (03:57)

Errors fall into three categories: technical, judgmental, and administrative. Common technical errors include: increased angle of insertion and excessive needle manipulation.

Judgmental Errors (06:27)

Drawing blood from any site out of the antecubital area, the lateral thumb side of the wrist, or the back of the hand is subject to criticism. Improper patient identification is the most potentially tragic judgmental error. Be attentive during the blood draw procedure.

Administrative Errors (02:27)

Establish a comprehensive training protocol and stick to it. Skill assessment includes: regular evaluation, routine observation, and knowledge quizzes.

Summary (01:31)

Review the topics of phlebotomy related injuries and legal liability discussed in this video.

Additional Resources (01:09)

See additional resources on phlebotomy information.

Credits: Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits (02:15)

Credits: Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits

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Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits

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This program identifies the types of injuries patients suffer from poorly performed venipunctures that can lead to legal action against those who draw blood specimens and their employers. Detailed descriptions of the mistakes phlebotomists and their managers make that result in those injuries are presented using actual case studies from the files of an expert witness.

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