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Basic Venipuncture: Introduction (02:01)


This video will illustrate venipuncture technique according to CLSI standards. Topics include: performing venipunctures; collecting samples without patient injury; and minimizing collector-induced errors.

Patient Preparation (05:35)

The draw stations and the person performing the venipuncture impact a patient's impression of the laboratory. Learn tips for maintaining the collection area, patient identification, and test requirements.

Vein Selection (03:39)

The antecubital area is the most common site for venipunctures. Other sites include the back of the hand and the thumb side of the wrist. Learn tips for drawing blood from the antecubital area.

Supplies and Equipment (01:28)

Learn three systems for obtaining venous blood samples.

Site Preparation (01:15)

Wear gloves and clean the venipuncture site with alcohol prep; blood cultures require a specific cleaning method. Palpation after the site is prepped is unacceptable.

Performing the Venipuncture Using a Tube Holder (05:25)

Learn the technique for using a tube holder assembly when performing a venipuncture in the antecubital area and the order of draw.

Performing a Venipuncture Using a Syringe (01:33)

Learn the technique for using a syringe and needle when performing a venipuncture in the antecubital area.

Performing a Venipuncture Using a Winged Blood Collection Set (02:04)

Learn the technique for using this set when performing a venipuncture in the antecubital area.

Post-venipuncture Care (02:26)

Tips include: apply adequate pressure immediately upon needle removal; label all tubes; be alert for signs of fainting; look for hematoma formation; and bandage the site upon stasis completion.

Recovering the Failed Venipuncture (02:00)

Learn tips for recovering the venipuncture without repeating the entire procedure and relocating the needle.

Venipuncture Summary (03:22)

Review the tips and techniques for performing a venipuncture discussed in this video. See additional resources on phlebotomy information.

Credits: Basic Venipuncture (01:30)

Credits: Basic Venipuncture

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Basic Venipuncture

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This program demonstrates the basic technique for drawing blood specimens by venipuncture according to the CLSI standards (GP41-A7). It offers detailed demonstrations that show performing venipunctures using tube holders, syringes, and winged blood collection sets, placing emphasis on needlestick safety, proper patient identification, prevention of patient injury, and obtaining of specimens free from errors that can alter results.

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