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Tomorrow's Food— Episode 1: Introduction (02:05)


Thanet Earth grows hundreds of thousands of tons of fruits and vegetables year-round. A group of experts will join Dara O Briain on a mission to locate foods of the future.

Future of Fast Food? (01:58)

Chris Bavin locates a vending machine that provides hot pizza from scratch in three minutes.

Thanet Earth (03:54)

Britain's largest greenhouse farm grows fruits and vegetables in walls of volcanic rock. Small tubes provide precise amounts of nutrients and water; dropping the temperature tricks the plants into fruit production.

Robots in Restaurants (02:03)

Shini Somara visits a restaurant that has robots waiting tables and working as chefs.

Sensory Technology (03:34)

Somara visits a restaurant that controls the way food tastes by sensory manipulation; each meal costs £400. Sound plays a role in how much we drink in a bar and what we eat on a plane.

Sonic Decanter (03:16)

Chef Angela Hartnett tries kitchen gadgets that claim to revolutionize cooking. Can a wine decanter using sonic waves make wine taste better?

Robotic Farming (02:57)

Chris Bavin visits a farm in Australia where the farmers are robots. See the solar powered weed hunter, Ladybird.

Robot Farmers (02:01)

Farmers can use the drone to locate missing cattle or determine when crops are ready for harvest. The Shrimp is a robot that functions like a sheepdog.

Essential Insects (02:58)

Dr. Joe Berman explains aphid reproduction; most tomatoes produced in greenhouses in the U.K. are pesticide free. Thanet Earth employs the use of Macrolophus to control insect populations and bumblebees to pollinate.

Everlasting Food? (02:34)

Hartnett participates in army training exercises before trying a ration pack. All rations must withstand helicopter drops, shaking on a truck, and be able to sit on a shelf in high heat for three years.

Pizza MRE (02:43)

Military food technologists Michelle Richardson and her team work create MREs. Richardson explains the components of pizza.

Weather and Food (02:11)

Climate change could make breakfast staples a rare luxury. Prof. Malcolm Bennett is trying to develop crops that can survive in hotter climates and extreme weather.

Cloud Seeding (04:57)

Drought makes the growth of maize, cotton, and wheat difficult for some farmers in west Texas. A plane with flares strapped to its wings creates a rain storm.

Synsepalum Dulcificum (03:10)

Traders at New Spitalfields Market in East End London sell fruits and vegetables from around the world. Can the "miracle berry" change the way we taste? In Japan, experts use the berry to battle sugar addiction.

Genetic Modification (01:47)

Prof. Hiroshi Ezura is isolating the sweet gene of the miracle berry and placing it in tomato plants. The "miracle tomato" will need to be tested and approved before they are available.

Electrical Taste Machine (04:40)

Prof. Adrian Cheok created a machine that uses electricity to stimulate taste receptors, tricking the brain into thinking it is tasting something that is not there. O Briain tries liquids that taste sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami before using the machine.

TomTato (00:54)

This plant grows tomatoes above ground and potatoes below.

Credits: Tomorrow's Food: Episode 1 (00:37)

Credits: Tomorrow's Food: Episode 1

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Tomorrow's Food: Episode 1

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Dara O’Briain visits Thanet Earth, a hi-tech greenhouse farm in Kent that grows millions of fruits and vegetables throughout the year— all without using soil. Then he heads to Texas, where a technique called "cloud seeding" is attempting to solve the problems of a five-year drought. Dara also experiments with a way of delivering flavors digitally using a receptor placed on the tongue. Also in this episode, Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett meets the U.S. Army food scientists who are looking to make food that lasts forever. In Australia, Chris Bavin visits a farm that uses robot labor, before trying out a seaweed pill that could prevent the body from absorbing fat. Finally, Dr. Shini Somara meets the robot waiters of Shanghai’s hi-tech restaurants, enjoys a multi-sensory culinary experience, and tests the powers of the "Miracle Berry" for itself. Will it turn even the sourest of flavors into something sweet?

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