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Queens and Kings Past (03:10)


Though Buckingham Palace, situated in the heart of London, is one of the city's most recognizable buildings, its story is lesser known. A place of celebration and commemoration, the palace is filled with objects that give clues about the past rulers' lives.

Purely Theatrical (02:00)

Buckingham Palace is the principle state residence of monarchs, epitomized by the symbolic red-hued throne room. The room is not actually used aside from during coronation. Theatrically decorated, it houses thrones used for royal coronations through the ages, each by a different ruler.

Ancient Course (02:28)

Beneath the streets of London, the Tyburn River still flows beneath Buckingham Palace. It used to make the terrain marshy and damp, but Henry VIII changed such things.

Menagerie of Animals (02:35)

In 1532, Henry VIII replaced the land of Buckingham Palace with a deer farm, draining it of the swamp-like characteristic. James I later created a homespun English silk industry, using mulberry trees. He planted the trees in 1608 and introduced silk worms, but he had chosen the wrong variety of tree.

Aristocratic Mansion (02:52)

Soldier, politician, and duke, the Duke of Buckingham was called Lord All-Pride and possessed much wealth. He leased the land that the palace was built on. In the 1760s, George III bought the land for his wife as a wedding gift.

Best of Art (02:30)

Because of George III's priggish nature, he removed the more flamboyant aspects of Buckingham Palace and was thus described as "dull" by observers. He purchased a large collection of art and hung it all over the house's interior.

Venetian Artists (02:50)

Venice, Italy was famous for "women of easy virtue." In the 1760s, when George III was in Buckingham Palace, the patrons of Venice were in need of money, so art was priced lower than usual. Some of the best works were painted by well-known artist, Canaletto, and George III ended up with over 50 of his paintings.

Rotundity of Outline (02:30)

George III had 15 children, all of whom were required to participate in a grueling education program. The boys were whipped by their tutors, but George IV rebelled against his father's wishes and was extremely indulgent, as opposed to his father's stinginess. He created the Carlton House, a palace of pleasure.

An Abrupt End (03:37)

The Carlton House was so ornate that a dining table the length of the building was used to host dinner parties, incorporated into it a stream full of live goldfish. In 1820, its creator George IV was around 60 years old and the ruler of England. He decided to reinvent Buckingham Palace with the work of architect John Nash.

Spiraling Budget (02:23)

Architect John Nash redesigned Buckingham Palace with classical symmetry. The architect was also responsible for designs all over the city of London, touching churches, theaters, and terraces.

Michelle and Thompson (04:16)

Thompson is a standard poodle that works as a guide dog for Michelle who is blind; she lost her vision in her teens. Thompson was trained in the canine vision program to keep Michelle safe; he also helps with her anxiety.

Benefits of Poodle Guide Dogs (05:47)

Poodles like Thompson are intelligent and can learn a massive vocabulary. They shed less than other dogs, so they have less dander and fewer allergens. Thomson helps Michelle attend school and calms her nerves while they go sailing.

Training Guide Dogs (02:12)

Guide dogs attend a training facility. In Canada, the Lions Foundation trains dogs for canine vision, seizure response, autism assistance, or diabetic alert. A dog trainer shows how the dogs are trained with the puppy Zazu.

Rob and Thor (03:48)

Thor is a King German Shepherd that works as a companion dog for Rob who has war-related PTSD. German Shepherds are known for strength, intelligence, trainability and obedience. They are loyal, protective, and can be trained for disability assistance, search and rescue, police and military roles, and acting.

Thor Helps Rob Socialize (02:21)

Thor helps Rob become more social by first getting him out of his house. They go to Wag, the dog-friendly coffee house, where Rob has met other veterans. Thor helps Rob face his past and make new friends.

Rob and Thor’s Museum Visit (02:30)

Rob takes Thor to the Canadian War Museum. The museum has been too traumatic for Rob to attend without Thor. When Rob gets emotional, Thor responds appropriately.

Credits: Michelle & Thomson/Rob & Thor—Collar of Duty: Season 1 (00:33)

Credits: Michelle & Thomson/Rob & Thor—Collar of Duty: Season 1

Credits: Buckingham Palace: The Queen's Palaces (00:33)

Credits: Buckingham Palace: The Queen's Palaces

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Buckingham Palace may be just about the most famous building in the world, but its story is much less familiar. Fiona Bruce reveals how England's most spectacular palace emerged from a swampy backwater in just 300 years. The journey of discovery takes her from the sewers of London to the magnificent State Rooms; from a home for camels and elephants to the artistic brilliance of 18th-century Venice; and from a prince's Chinese fantasy to the secret of how the Palace's glittering chandeliers are cleaned today.

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