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Truth: Episode 3— Introduction (01:10)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of 18-year-old Justin Back's murder at the hands of two of his friends.

Waynesville, Ohio (03:19)

Waynesville has a small town culture. Justin's step-father Mark and mother Sandy Cates recall finding items missing, their house in disarray, and Justin gone; hear the 911 call.

Austin Myers and Timothy Mosley (02:09)

The day of the crime, neighbors saw a Chevrolet Cavalier in the Cates driveway that Mark saw the day before; Mark met Myers and Mosley. Police located the car and brought the boys in for questioning; they denied knowing anything about Justin.

Justin is Dead (04:28)

Police find large blood stains throughout the Cates' home. Myers tells Det. Wyatt he can help him find the body. Police locate Justin along a ridge line; Prosecutor David Fornshell recalls the crime scene.

Grieving Parents (02:00)

Mark and Sandy recall learning that Justin is dead.

Myers' Story (04:20)

Myers tells Wyatt his version of events the night Justin died; Mosley can hear through the wall. Myers' father Greg recalls learning about his son's involvement and meeting Mosley.

Mosley's Story (05:35)

Mosley tells Wyatt his version of events the night Justin died. Mosley's mother Debi recalls meeting Myers and not liking him. Myers makes contradictory statements.

Remembering Justin (02:36)

Lt. Johnson and Wyatt heard positive things about Justin when questioning locals. Sandy grieves Justin's death; Mark blames himself. See news coverage honoring Justin's memory; the community expects a capital murder case.

Myers' Capital Murder Trial (03:09)

The trial begins in September 2014. John Kaspar considers Myers' personality and the crime; hear Fornshell's opening statements. A juror and Kaspar reflect on Myers' degree of involvement.

Murder Charges (01:56)

Fornshell offers Mosley a plea agreement in exchange for his testimony at Myers' trial. Myers' attorney Greg Howard wants to work a deal but Myers refuses.

Prior Calculation (05:28)

Mosley plea bargained and received a sentence of life without parole; Debi believes Myers planned the murder. A juror reflects on the plea bargain, Myers' role, and Justin's manner of death. See footage of Mosley and Myers' actions prior to the murder and their statements made upon arrest.

Mastermind of the Murder? (04:22)

Sandy cannot move out of the family home. Hear Mosley's testimony at Myers' trial; Wyatt believes Myers' did not know Mosley had a knife. Greg and Myers' Mom Danielle Copeland discusses the focus on Myers during the trial.

Is Myers a Psychopath? (03:16)

Experts discuss Myers' demeanor while in custody and in court; Greg defends his son's lack of visible emotion. Hear Myers' testimony on the last day of his trial; Debbie Drabek believes he was trying to guilt the jury into avoiding the death penalty.

Sentenced to Death (03:45)

Fornshell explains why Myers' should get the death penalty even though Mosley received life without parole. Sandy and Copeland reflect on the verdict; see news footage.

Responsibility for Murder (01:33)

Kaspar states that Myers' trial was an interesting study in human psychology. Drabek believes the jury gave the correct verdict. Fornshell reflects on what would have happened if Myers wanted a plea bargain.

One Year Later (02:27)

Copeland and Debi think about Justin's murder and their sons' incarcerations. Sandy and Mark visit Justin's grave; Sandy wants to visit the location where Justin's body was found.

Credits: Truth: Episode 3—Life and Death Row, Series 2 (00:27)

Credits: Truth: Episode 3—Life and Death Row, Series 2

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Truth: Episode 3—Life and Death Row, Series 2

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In January 2014, Waynesville, Ohio, 18-year-old Justin Back is brutally murdered in his own home. Two of his 19-year-old friends, Austin Myers and Timothy Mosley, are arrested and charged with his murder. However, both give very different versions of events, begging the question, who is telling the truth? With prosecutors seeking the death penalty for the crime, what will each one do to save themselves from the ultimate punishment? With access to the families of all three boys, the devastating nature of this gruesome crime and it's repercussions are revealed. It's one crime but will there be two different outcomes?

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