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Death of an Officer (04:15)


On March 10, 2009, Daniel Lee Lopez struck and killed Lt. Stuart Alexander while fleeing police. His mother Terry Quintero and Officer Zach Johnson recall the night. Lopez was sentenced to death for murder; he has been trying to speed up his execution.

Five Weeks to Execution (04:23)

Judge Sandra Watts discusses setting Lopez's execution date and the waving of all post-conviction appeals. Quintero struggles with the upcoming execution. Lopez believes the appeal process is a waste of time and wants closure for his family.

Lt. Stuart's Death (02:43)

Lt. Alexander's wife Vicky visits the site where he was hit and recalls arriving at the hospital after he died. She wonders if Lopez will ask for his appeals at the last minute.

Competency and Appeals (03:22)

Lopez's lawyers believe he is not competent and challenge his decision to waive appeals. Jeff Newberry states that Lopez has grounds for an appeal. Lopez considers the impact of prolonging his execution on his children.

Four Weeks to Execution (02:21)

Lopez's daughter Mariah and her mother Ashley are on their way to visit Lopez in jail. Ashley wants Daniel to appeal.

Murder and Intent (02:59)

Prosecutor Mark Skurka discusses the death penalty in Texas and Lopez's motive. Lopez maintains he is responsible for Lt. Alexander's death, but not intentionally. A juror reflects on police testimony and Lopez's criminal history.

Capital Murder (05:03)

Watts, Quintero, and defense attorney Mark Woerner reiterate Lopez's desire for the death penalty. Vicky and Skurka recall Lopez's behavior in the courtroom. A juror discusses the impact of Lopez's behavior on the jury's decision.

Three Weeks to Execution (05:39)

Newberry reflects on Lopez's desire to die since he was a child. Quintero states that her ex-husband Rick Lopez was abusive; Rick refutes the claims. Lopez reflects on his relationship with his parents.

Hoping for an Appeal (03:05)

Ashley and Mariah send a message to Lopez via the prison radio. Ashley believes that Lopez will ask for an appeal; Lopez feels confused and undecided.

Two Weeks to Execution (02:39)

Vicky meets with a police widows support group and discusses the upcoming execution. Women share their experiences with executions.

One Week to Execution (01:54)

The Supreme Court denies the defense's petition that Lopez was not competent to waive his appeals; Newberry shares his thoughts on the decision.

Three Days to Execution (01:17)

Ashley states that Lopez did not want to talk about appealing his sentence.

Execution Day (02:44)

Vicky prepares to watch Lopez's execution and reflects on her husband's murder.

Lopez's Mental State (02:32)

Lopez states that waiving his appeals was to help everybody "move along." He loves his family and does not want to leave them but believes it is best that he die.

Lopez's Execution (05:20)

Protesters march outside the prison the day of Lopez's execution. Vicky recalls entering the prison and witnessing the execution. Watts reflects on Lopez's tenacity and the loss of his and Lt. Alexander's lives.

Credits: Execution: Episode 2—Life and Death Row, Series 2 (00:35)

Credits: Execution: Episode 2—Life and Death Row, Series 2

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Execution: Episode 2—Life and Death Row, Series 2

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On March 11, 2009, Daniel Lopez was pulled over for driving erratically. The dramatic car chase that ensued killed a police officer and 27-year-old Daniel was given the death penalty. Unusually for a death row prisoner, he is resisting all appeals to block his execution - which is due in five weeks' time. The state-appointed attorneys for Lopez are arguing that their client is using the justice system as a form of suicide. His family is also pleading with him to fight the execution and stay alive for them. With access to Daniel, his lawyers, his parents and the widow of the police officer that Daniel killed, this film follows the lead up to 'execution day.' Will Daniel go to his death, as he insists he wants to do, or will the people who love him be able to save him?

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