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Double Homicide (02:27)


Hear the 911 call a worker made on April 2, 2013. Shawn Ford was charged with murdering his girlfriend's parents. A jury must decide whether or not he will receive the death penalty.

Sense of Loss (02:04)

Jessica Schobert reflects on the loss of her parents. Imagining Ford living to an old age is difficult for her to handle.

Murder Suspect (03:42)

See news footage of Margaret (Peg) and Jeffrey (Jeff) Schobert's murder. Family members reflect on Peg and Jeff's acceptance of their daughter Chelsea's boyfriend, Chelsea's struggle with self-identity, and Ford's involvement in their lives. Jessica wants Ford to receive the death penalty.

Jury Selection (04:18)

Attorneys choose the final 12 jurors for Ford's murder trial. Ford's attorney Jon Sinn reflects on juror mentality and humanizing Ford to the jurors. Jurors recall being chosen.

Trial: Day One (05:12)

Jurors discuss being a part of the trial process. Hear opening statements from the defense and prosecution. Ford's mother Kelly reflects on her relationship with her son and his mental status.

Trial: Day Two (05:03)

Detective Bertina King testifies about the assault on Chelsea at Ford's murder trial. Family members recall seeing Chelsea in the hospital and Peg and Jeff's response to the beating. Jurors reflect on the situation; Kelly Ford often thinks about the Schobert family.

Trial: Day Three (03:54)

Edward Staley testifies about the crime scene. Jurors contemplate crime scene photographs and the murder weapon. Dr. Dorothy Dean testifies about injuries and cause of death.

Trial: Day Five (03:10)

Det. Nick Bollas testifies about text messages Ford sent from Jeff's phone to Peg and Peg's phone to Chelsea. Jurors reflect on the details of the case; see crime scene photographs. Jurors find Ford guilty of murder.

Mitigation Phase (02:55)

Sinn, Tom Hrdy, their colleagues, and Kelly participate in a mitigation strategy meeting; they consider life without parole vs. the death penalty.

Mitigation: Day One (04:12)

Jurors discuss the mitigation process. Dr. Joy Stankowski testifies about Ford's family life and mental health. Kelly discusses her upcoming testimony.

Mitigation: Final Day (06:17)

Kelly testifies about Ford's relationship with his father and Ford's penchant for getting into trouble. Jurors reflect on her testimony and the contrast between the murder trial and mitigation. Hear closing arguments.

Jury Deliberation (03:26)

Jurors reflect on deliberating the fate of Ford, feelings of pressure, and mitigating circumstances.

Sentencing Verdict (04:35)

Sinn is anxious for the verdict; the jury sentences Ford to death. Jurors reflect on their decision. Sinn considers the outcome.

Credits: Punishment: Episode 1—Life and Death Row, Series 2 (00:28)

Credits: Punishment: Episode 1—Life and Death Row, Series 2

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Punishment: Episode 1—Life and Death Row, Series 2

Part of the Series : Life and Death Row, Series 2
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In April 2013, 18-year-old Shawn Ford Jr was charged with killing his girlfriend's parents with a sledgehammer. Now he is on trial for his life and a jury of 12 ordinary people must decide whether he should live or die. This film follows the court case from the inside, as both the family of the victims and the defendant struggle to come to terms with such a horrific crime. But it is the jurors who must ultimately decide Shawn's fate. As the details of the shocking murders mount, can an impassioned plea for mercy from Shawn's mother save her son's life?

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