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Jihadi Brides: Introduction (02:05)


Islamic State recruits British teenage schoolgirls to travel to Syria to join its ranks. These women become ferocious recruiters, using social media to enlist more members. Watch an excerpt of "Flames of War, " an IS propaganda video. (Credits)

Start of a Revolution (03:18)

Raised as devout Somalis, Salma and Zahra Halane wanted to become doctors, but after the 11th-grade, the twins flew to Istanbul and crossed the border into Syria. Aamer Anwar and Dr. Katherine Brown describe why the IS recruitment strategies engage teenagers.

Needing Women (02:11)

Experts suspect as many as 60 women and girls have run away to join the IS from Britain. Helen Ball explains that the counter-terrorism unit removes a thousand radicalized posts and websites each week. The IS recruits women to help start families and runs a matchmaking service to find a "halal" spouse.

Leaving Everything Behind (02:18)

After entering Syria, the Halane twins married Islamic fighters and are now dubbed "the terror twins." One celebrated the anniversary of 9/11 by beheading a chicken. Renu Begum's sister Shamima fled to Syria with two other girls and was radicalized.

Rahman's Story (03:48)

Begum sent a message on social media to contact Umm Layth or "Mother of the Lion," who provides practical advice on relocating to Syria. Khaleda Rahman published an article providing personal information about the recruiter for IS Umm Layth threatened Rahman.

Sorrow and Shame (02:19)

Rahmen discovered Umm Layth's birth name was Aqsa Mahmood and she met his father. Mahmood's family held a press conference.

Radicalized British (03:44)

IS took control of large areas of Iraq and Syria and started beheading U.S. and U.K. terrorists. Victoria Dare prays for her daughter Grace, who relocated to Syria. Raised as a devout Catholic, she converted to the Muslim religion just before she turned 18.

New Life Centered Around Religion (03:11)

Grace started attending services at the Lewisham Islamic Center and changed her name to Khadijah. Yasmin Mulbocus explains how recruiters prey on girls who cannot communicate with their family members. In 2013, Victoria escorted Grace and her grandson to the airport— her daughter said Victoria would never see her again.

Religious Extremism (03:57)

Experts suggest there are 550 Western women in the IS Brown discusses the mixture of English, Arabic, and text speak these women use in social media posts. Social media postings describe free housing, utilities, groceries, and health care— recruiters deny any atrocities committed by IS.

Journey Towards Islamic State (03:51)

Mahmood became a jihadist without leaving her room. Listen to excerpts of her blog as she became radicalized. Yasmin Mulbocus describes how she would target teenagers.

Politics of the Middle East (03:20)

Many Muslims oppose American foreign policy in the Middle East, especially pertaining to Israel, Gaza, Syria, and Iraq. Mahmood grew angry when Western governments refused to intervene as thousands of Syrian Muslims were killed. IS claims to be the only credible force attacking Bashar Assad's regime— watch recruiting videos from the Islamic States.

Blog Postings (02:30)

Mahmood attacks Shia Muslims, writing that they are worse than non-believers. Her parents begin to worry about her radical viewpoint. Her last post was a picture of a plane taking off.

Mahmood Travels to Syria (04:03)

When Mahmood did not return from the train station in the evening, her family informed the police and tried to negotiate with Turkish authorities. She called three months later to inform them she was marrying an ISIS soldier. Mulbocus compares IS radicalization techniques to religious cults.

Comparing Pedophiles to IS Recruiters (02:47)

IS soldiers are allowed multiple wives and can marry girls as young as nine. Watch footage of jihadists purchasing female slaves from a sex slave market. Dare's and the Halane twin's husbands died in Syria and they will re-marry.

Facing Execution (04:07)

IS officials confiscate British passports upon arrival in Syria. Helen Ball explains the procedure former radicalized women go through after returning from Syria. Anwar feels that these women are the key to understanding how IS is brainwashing women.

Where are the Girls? (02:28)

Experts suspect the three girls who recently traveled to Syria are now in the IS capital and will be married soon. The Halane sisters and Mahmood continue to post pictures and messages glorifying the Islamic State. Dare explains she will never return to Britain.

Credits: Jihadi Brides (00:41)

Credits: Jihadi Brides

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Why are young women giving up the security of British citizenship, the love and support of their families and the comforts of Western living to become part of the Islamic State, the self-styled "caliphate" fighting its way through Syria and Iraq? This BBC program explores the stories of five separate disappearances - from 21-year-old Aqsa Mahmood, a student from Glasgow, to the Halane twins from Manchester who were just 17 when they left for Syria. Friends and family offer an insight into the minds of these women at the time of their disappearance, while footage and the testimony of those with first-hand experience of the Jihadist group explain what the women’s new lives are likely to be like.

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