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Is this Rape? Sex on Trial: Introduction (02:56)


Will Best explains that 24 16 to 18-year-olds will be sent to an undisclosed location, watch a video, and discuss if the male character committed rape. After each section of the film, the audience members will be asked a question to debate. Boys and girls will be shown the videos separately. (Credits)

Part One: The Party (05:12)

Tom watches as Gemma, the girl he has a crush on, kiss another boy. Gemma agrees to allow Tom to sleep next to her on the sofa bed before she falls asleep. She awakens as he climbs on top of her.

The Party: The Boys React (04:55)

Best questions the male teenagers if Gemma consented to oral sex. The boys share varied opinions. Most feel that Tom took advantage of Gemma, but rape is too strong a word.

The Party: The Girls React (03:41)

Best asks the female teenagers if Gemma consented to oral sex. The girls share a wide range of opinions on whether Gemma was sexually assaulted. Several feel that Gemma could have shown consent if she agreed to the encounter.

The Party: The Vote (02:00)

The boys and girls vote on whether Gemma consented to oral sex. One female teenager expresses surprise that other girls did not realize that Gemma was a victim. 13% of the teenagers voted yes, 54% voted no, and 33% voted that they did not know whether she consented or not.

Part Two: The Defense (04:56)

Gemma sent Tom provocative pictures during their relationship. Gemma did not accuse Tom of assault until two weeks after the incident. When questioned why she did not say no or yell for her friend during the sexual encounter, Gemma explains that she does not know.

The Defense: The Reaction (04:00)

The group discusses if Tom believed he had consent. One Girl explains it took her a year to tell anyone she was raped. Teenagers debate whether Tom committed sexual assault.

Coyote's Story (04:58)

Coyote speaks to the group about the ramifications of being falsely accused of rape. One female teenager who was against meeting someone accused of rape begins to see Coyote as a victim. Coyote now records women consenting to a sexual liaison prior to any encounter.

The Defense: The Vote (03:55)

The teenagers wonder if Tom could be charged with a lesser offense instead of rape because he should not receive the same punishment as someone who violently attacks a stranger. The boys and girls vote on whether Tom believed he had consent. 54% says yes, 30% says no, and 16% say they do not know.

Part Three: The Prosecution (05:00)

The text that Gemma sent to Tom inviting him to the party was a group text. The day after the encounter, he sent a text message to a friend saying that Gemma was not into it. Tom contends that Gemma wanted the sexual encounter at the trial.

The Prosecution: The Reaction (02:42)

The boys and girls feel that miscommunication lies at the heart of the conflict. Many members of the group have friends who have been sexually violated and are still friendly with their attackers. One teenager explains she would not report a sexual assault if it occurred to her.

Beth's Story (03:34)

Beth went home with a man she met at a bar— she remembers saying no and passing out. When she finally told the police years later, they explained that because she was wearing a short skirt, let the man buy her drinks, and willingly went to his home, the police would not prosecute. She was scared and embarrassed to share her story.

The Prosecution: The Vote (02:56)

Several teenagers have a hard time applying the term "rapist" to Tom because there was no malice. One girl explains that rape is torture, and he deserves to be punished. The teens vote on whether Tom committed rape.

The Lawyer Speaks (02:18)

Abigail Husbands explains that the jury must consider three questions in a rape case: did penetration occur, did Gemma consent, and did Tom have a reasonable belief that Gemma consented. Tom could not reasonably believe Gemma consented, because of Gemma's body language during the encounter and his text messages the next day.

Final Results (03:55)

Teenagers explain what they learned from the experience. 87% voted that Tom committed rape, 4% voted no and 9% voted they do not know. The boys and girls argue that a mandatory seven-year prison sentence is too harsh for a crime like Tom's.

Credits: Is this Rape? Sex on Trial (00:33)

Credits: Is this Rape? Sex on Trial

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In a unique event to find out what British teenagers understand about rape, 24 of them are shown a specially written drama about a sexual encounter and are put to the test to see if they can work out if it is consensual sex or if a crime has been committed.

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