Segments in this Video

Thanks for the Buggy Ride (03:11)


James Macandrews introduces Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, and Dr. Marshall Stearns. Stearns explains that tap dancing is a mixture of the jig, clog dancing, the shuffle, and the sand.

Time Step (02:30)

The time step is the basic step of tap dancing; Coles and Atkins demonstrate several types.

Bo Jangles (03:03)

Bo Jangles made tap dancing popular in America. Coles recalls how "Uncle Bo" invited himself to an event in San Francisco. The Copasetic Club is a group of tap dancers who put on an annual floor show.

Bill Robinson's Routine (02:20)

Atkins and Coles performs a tap dance that was inspired by Bo Jangles. Members of the Copasetic Club are required to learn the routine.

Newer Dancers (02:54)

John Bubbles invented "Rhythm Tap." Coles and Atkins demonstrate turns, heel drops, and cramp rolls.

Class Acts (02:48)

Coles and Atkins demonstrate a slow soft shoe; they discarded traditional movements and incorporated elements of ballet and modern dance.

Dance Performances (03:11)

Coles and Atkins were performing with the Ozzie Nelson Band when Ethel Waters began singing. The duo worked with Jule Styne on the choreography for "Gentleman Prefer Blondes." Atkins enjoys the rehearsal process.

Flash Steps (03:32)

When the band plays loudly, tap dancers perform jazz steps because the audience cannot hear the taps. Atkins uses two chairs to perform the "wing" in slow motion. He and Coles demonstrate "the double wing," the "saw wing," the "pendulum wing," and "the rolling wing."

Tap Dance Routines (03:49)

Atkins incorporates ballet moves into tap dancing. Coles performs the "over the top" step. The duo performs "The Boy Scout Chorus."

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In this program, master tap dancers Honi Coles and Cholly Atkins demonstrate favorite tap steps and routines from the time of World War One Over the Top and Through the Trenches to the mid-sixties Bebop. The program presents incisive perspectives on tap as the dancers talk with dance authority Marshall Stearns (author of Jazz Dance.)

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