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Newborn Assessment Series Overview (00:44)


Trained, prepared nurses can facilitate a newborn's safe transition to extrauterine life. This series focuses on evaluation of normal, healthy newborns. Red flags highlight warnings related to topics presented, but neonatal resuscitation and intensive are beyond program scope.

First 60 Seconds (06:35)

Learn about causes of respiratory distress including transient tachypnea (TNN). IM naloxone will reverse opioid effects in case of respiratory depression. Learn about drying the neonate, suctioning fluids, interventions in case of meconium in amniotic fluid, and stimulating sleepy newborns. Hear when to initiate resuscitation and how to maintain body temperature.

Thermoregulation (03:35)

Newborns lose body heat by evaporation, convection, conduction, and radiation. They possess thermogenic adipose tissue, or "brown fat" metabolized to maintain body temperature when cold. View factors increasing a newborn's susceptibility to cold stress. Heat loss can lead to respiratory distress and cardiac arrest. Use axillary or tympanic measurement methods.

APGAR Score (04:03)

The assessment of the newborn's transition is performed at 1 and 5 minutes, and at 10 minutes if distressed. Learn how to score appearance, pulse, grimace, activity, and respiratory effort parameters. An APGAR remaining low at 5 minutes is of concern. Parents may misunderstand its meaning.

Umbilical Cord and Vitamin K (02:14)

The presence of two rather than three umbilical cord vessels may indicate congenital deformities. Check that the clamp is tight and count vessels. Neonates are at increased risk from hemorrhage; it can be minimized with Vitamin K injections. The nurse remains responsible for ongoing neonatal assessments.

Credits: The First Ten Minutes: Assessment of the Newborn (00:16)

Credits: The First Ten Minutes: Assessment of the Newborn

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The First Ten Minutes: Assessment of the Newborn

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This video discusses the roles of the placenta and umbilical cord during pregnancy. It explains the role of surfactant in the lungs, delineates the steps to take if there's meconium in the amniotic fluid, examines how heat is lost and the role of brown fat, lists factors that increase susceptibility to cold stress, and explains the parameters of the APGAR score.

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